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Magical hair of Sylvia

Updated on October 12, 2012

Fairy tale -- A bed time story !!!

Once upon a time in a Kingdom called GlitterLand, there lived a sweet chirpy and bubbly girl called Sylvia.

Sylvia lost her parents at the age of eight years after which she was blessed to survive the harsh times alone.

Sylvia was very special for her tender age of sixteen years. She was blessed by the almighty GOD to have long hairs that would sway right to the length of her knees.

Each and every strand of the hair would shine like a blazing star across the sky and were colored black with a hint of brownish tinge that would reflect in the sun.

Sylvia would do the most wonderful things with her magical hair; she could end the misery of needy people by just allowing them to run their hands over her hair and at the same time Sylvia wishing for their prosperity.

The magical fact about her hair made her feel so special and she was always surrounded by needy people. The only thing that used to give her worries was the last words that her father had told her, "Father: Do remember my child you are very special and will be a means of blessing to the sorrowful people around the world, but once you find your man of love, you would lose all the powers". But soon she started feeling the loneliness in her life and wanted to meet someone who would make her feel like a princess.

Soon people started realizing the anxiety on her face and started asking her about the reason for same. She would just say that she is not feeling well and avoid the questions.

Once while moving around the garden in the midst of purple tulip, wearing her white dress, which made her looks like a fairy, It was then Prince William saw her and just kept seeing her with his awestruck eyes and decided that she would be the one whom he would make his princess.

Prince Williams deciding Sylvia as his beautifully destined glory, returns back to the palace. Next day he with his Royal Highness the King Larry and Queen Marry, with all the Royal celebrations marched towards Sylvia's house.

Seeing the Royal family in front of her Sylvia stood in awe, wondering what she had done to draw such a attention.

Seeing her in astonishment the Prince smiles and makes a move towards her and takes her hand, bends down to his knees and with a soft kiss on her hands, says:

'The moonlight never got my attention until I saw its reflection in your eyes, the sun rays were never so beautiful as they were after passing by your beautiful hair, my destiny got tied to yours the moment I saw you my Angel, will you be mine for ever and ever ?'

He looks back into her eyes with heart full of anxiety and excitement.

Sylvia's mind goes through a wave of emotions with a high tide of happiness but soon her face turns into gloomy sadness and she leaves the hands of Prince and runs back to her room.

Prince not able to gauge the moment, goes behind her and lifts her face with his hands and gently asks her ; what is the matter dear ?

Sylvia then tells him about his fathers last words and about her magical hair. Hearing to that the Prince ponders over her dilema and goes back and expresses his opinion to the King.

And they all return back to the palace with a thought full of dilema's.

Sylvia keeps sobbing over her fate, which gave her all the happiness and took it away in a second.

After a day of sobbing and cursing her fate, Sylvia goes out to the pond to get some water. She fills the water in the pot and turns back in astonishment hearing the voice of no other then Prince Williams.

But again realising there is no future quietly starts moving away, the prince rushes towards her and grabs her with love and whispers in her ears; I have found a solution to your problem, Now you can marry me and help people at the same time.

Feeling happy hearing that, Sylvia was about to ask how, when Prince holds her hand and asks her to move towards the Royal palace where the weekly Emperor annoucement was about to take place.

Soon they reach the palace and Join the King and the Queen at the Royal stage filled around by the Kingdom's people eager to hear the annoucement.

Seeing Prince William and Sylvia, the King smiles and ascends to make the announcement;

'My people, I have been a King to you and seen the good and the harsh times along with you and I know I would jeopardise your well being by getting Sylvia married to my Son and the future king William.. But love has got no bounds, it just sails like a ship in the ocean and makes it's way with the wind. So I have decided to get them married but at the same time Sylvia would keep helping your evey Sunday of the week by all means within the Power bestowed by me as the King, with all my wealth and mightiness.'

Hearing this Sylvia face glows with a bright smile and she looks back into Prince eyes with love hidden deep in her heart.

And the Kingdom people hail the King and the Prince for their wise decision for the well being of the people as well as their beloved Sylvia.

And soon Prince williams marries Sylvia and they both kept loving each other as the never ending ocean.

And the kingdom prospered with happy people served by her highness Queen Sylvia and Emperor Williams with all faith and humanity........

Though she lost her magical power she still had a good heart for the people and served for humanity and soon realised that the greatest magic on earth is serving the mankind !!

So Are you now ready to get magical by serving the mankind ?

@Author: Hope you Like the bed time story written and thought by me, a sincere effort to please childrens :) ..***** Totally Ficitonal ***** Please Leave a comment if you Like !


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    • mr-veg profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Colorado United States

      @ishwarya22 thanks for stopping by and reading the story ! Great to see the encouraging words !!

    • ishwaryaa22 profile image

      Ishwaryaa Dhandapani 

      6 years ago from Chennai, India

      An engaging story with an optimistic ending! You have a creative talent of story-telling! Way to go!

      Thanks for SHARING. Awesome & Interesting. Voted up


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