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Updated on October 29, 2012

Tilopa to Naropa:


Allow the flow

Mahamudra cannot be taught

Relax, it is a process of becoming

The Natural awareness of the mind

Is always there

Even as the sun shines through millions of aeons

And loses not an iota of its brilliance

When you look into millions of miles of space

You look into millions of miles in time

And so time and space cease and lose all meaning

Then seeing becomes irrelevant

For what is seen when there is neither time nor space?

Even so

Is the mind

When the flow of thoughts turns from the object

To the Subject

And the light of Consciousness turns on itself

When the Subject sinks into itself

All thoughts cease

Then shines the mind in all its pristine glory

That is the mahamudra

Look at the river Ganga

At first, it was a rivulet rushing through a gorge

Then the river flowing through the plains

Reflecting the maturity of a mother's role

Let us consider the mind:

At first, it is a welter of emotions

Clothing and covering the clear mind

Then the clear light of knowledge

Turns the mind on its source

Space by itself

Has neither shape nor color

In itself it is Void

Empty and clean of matter

Even so, the mind is free and independent of its content

To shift from the thought

To the underlying untouched essence

Is the goal of sadhana

Just as a flash of light

Destroys the darkness of a million ages

So a moment of Nirvana

Destroys the tree of sangsara

Root and branch

Therefore, O my beloved Naropa,

Work out your salvation with diligence

As Sakyamuni told Sariputra


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