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Major teachings of Lord Buddha

Updated on May 8, 2020
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CHATRA RAM is a writer who loves to write. Today is going to share my poetry ''I Am A Writer''

My Lord Gautam Buddha
My Lord Gautam Buddha | Source

Four Arya Truths

1. Sorrow - The first Aryan truth is that life is miserable, sorrow is prevalent everywhere in the world, life is sorrow, the disease is also sorrow, death is sorrow, meeting unpleasant people is also sorrow, dear people are also sorrowed And if there is no desire to find anything, it is also sad.
2. Grief Community - The second Aryan truth is that grief is not without reason. When there is grief, there must be some reason, according to Buddhism, according to the rule of ''Pratyasamutpadha'', the cycle work of creation is tied in a series of reasons. This means that the work is done only when there is the reason, this rule is unalterable, so there are also reasons for unhappiness. The root cause of sorrow is Ignorance, which means false belief about its true nature, ignorance arises which ultimately drowns man in the ocean of sorrows.
3. Prevention of Grief - The third Aryan truth is that where there is a cause of unhappiness, there is also relief from it. The remedy to remove sorrow is to remove its cause. Uprooting the cause of sorrow, which is craving, can stop the grief. The end of Ignorance and craving is the solution to the end of sorrow.
4. Prevention of Grief - Fourth Arya Truth is that if grief is the cause, diagnosis of grief is possible. Then there must be some way or way of this, Mahatma Buddha called this path "Dukh Nirodha Gamini Pratipada" or "Dukh Nirodha Marg" It is also called "Ashtagik Marg" because it mentions 8 steps. Areas follow ---

(1) Right view - Truth vision: Knowledge of recognizing the true untruth. Knowledge of all kinds of good and bad deeds, belief in the words of Buddha, and knowledge of Aryan truths.
(2) Right Resolution - A resolution free from violence, a sure determination for self-welfare is the right resolution.
(3) Right voice - Truth and soft speech, lies, backbiting, harsh speech, and use of unnecessary speech should be avoided, restraint should be kept on speech.
(4) Right deeds - To keep purity in all deeds, to do deeds without violence, theft, adultery. Practices of kindness, charity, compassion, friendship, non-violence.
(5) Right to life - Ethical absolute right path of living, renunciation of certain routes for subsistence; Use of means of livelihood in the form of the arms trade, meat trade, liquor, and poison trade, etc., inappropriate moral rules.
(6) Right exercise - prudent efforts, pure and knowledgeable efforts, efforts to cleanse your personality by removing mental flaws, renunciation of inauspicious actions, and to strive for good deeds.
(7) True memory - Constant memory of the weaknesses of the body and mind and fixing the mind on the right subject to save the mind from suffering. Remember the best teachings, always be aware.
(8) Right Mausoleum - Concentration of the mind, removing the deflection of the mind, continuously meditating on the Four Noble Truths.

You will not be punished for your anger You will be punished by your anger... Goutam Budhha

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.



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