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Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions by Donna Maria

Updated on January 31, 2013
4 stars for Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions

Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions: 101 Natural Formulas to Revitalize and Nourish Your Skin. by Donna Maria

Donna Maria starts out with the usual what is what, what precautions to take, how to store your items, different ways of making essential oils, etc.

She reviews 24 essential oils with a brief description. In no way was I disappointed. I chose this book for the "making .... creams and lotions.... " not for the studying of each and every essential oil available. It is a nice list for the one who is starting out and does not overburden with too much technical information about each essential oil. Mind you, there are books out there that do. I love those just the same, this is just not that type of book.

I found it amusing that she mentions a description in which I have not heard before and I assure I have read a lot of aromatherapy book "exquisite aromatics". Okay, I should rephrase, I have certainly heard and/or read about aromatics and exquisite scents but she is specifically stating the phrase and explaining this phrase as: "exquisite aromatics" are oils which she finds are "especially distinctive characteristics.. in which influence human sexual desire. " I do not know if she is the first to call oils that are known for their aphrodisiac properties this but it is certainly the first time I have read it. In order words, she makes a list for oils that have been known or used in the attempts to increase ones libido.

A lot of lotions, potions, and creams out there are made with 'fragrance" oils that might be on this list. Just keep in mind just because they smell the same their chemical make up is not the same, but that is another topic in itself.

Her chapter for materials regarding base or carrier oils impressed me in regards to the quantity that she brings ups and gives a brief description. It nicely gives quite a few options that some are easily available and some a little more unique but can be found with a little research. She calls them "unscented oils" versus the norm of carrier or base oils. It is a great list even though it is more common now a days to see them called carrier or base oils, some might find that a big deal, it really is not, at least to me.

Her list of her personal favorite hydrosols is a collection of smells that are I believe, to be lovely to the senses. It is nice to add hydrosols of certain oils when otherwise these scents might be out of our price range and they do work so lovely with aromatherapy and making homemade potions, lotions, creams and other goodies.

Her list for equipment it to have is not as extensive as I have seen in other books and for this I give it an A+++. I find nothing more annoying than going through a list of materials that is huge, vast and knowing quite well when I look at the recipes that there is quite few fancy, extra supplies that can be done without. Yes, nice to have, but to start out making your own homemade products; this list might discourage someone when they take a look at it to even trying due to lack of funds.

Her five easy steps for "creating cream or lotions.." are doable. I think the reader could have benefited if the steps actually had been accompanied with pictures. Thanks to our internet you can go on some video sites and get a more visual idea of this process if you need.
Unfortunately pictures would have really helped this book.

In her title she states .... "101 Natural Formulas to Revitalize & Nourish Your Skin". This is the reason to buy her book. She does not disappoint. I enjoy reading recipes and I can read hers over and over and get inspiration on how to change and fine tune them for my personal needs and benefits. She has great ideas and wonderful mixtures, blends, and combinations which really to make me want to try each one. In order to be able to find tune them I would recommend to study more specially the essential oils, carrier/base oils, and their specific properties. There are plenty of books out there for this and will reviewing some soon.

Her recipes are definitely geared for you skin and I can see where the "revitalize and nourish your skin:... comes from in her title.

She has recipes or what she calls "formulas" for creams, lotions, toners, serums, butters, elixirs, lip and nail balms, balm bars, face and body cleansers, scrubs, body polishes, face and body masks; it is a really nice collections of recipes to have all in one place.

Personally, going to dive into her "Abracadabra Balm Bar" on page 23 when time permits.

Love this book and recommend for anyone who loves aromatherapy, homemade items, and wanting to learn and take care of their skin.


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