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Making The Right Discussion Helping you solve your problems

Updated on April 7, 2017


Pirates do anything for the money. They target ships to gain money. Others, work to gain money for a patron.The tales of pirates range from strange to down right vomit inducing.

Pirates were known to do all sorts of horrible things. They left behind treasure. Why? They did not leave long enough to go back to the treasure.

Many people want to find the treasure left by these pirates. They know that the pirates most-likely did not survive long enough to spend the treasure. Other treasures have been sunk to the bottom of the oceans, bays, and other bodies of water.

Pirate School By Cathy East Dubowski and Mark Dubowski

This book is for young readers. It pits two characters against each other. Pete and Grimmy need to get to a treasure first. In, no time during the course of the book, does the books moral standards come into play, lead to doing the right thing. Quite the contrary, the wrong thing is encouraged among all the students.

The two characters find themselves fighting it out, as a school rule. They must fight to win. The winner of the fight is the winner. There is no talking debate. As a result, several fights break out.

So, why does one of the characters choose to help the other character at one point of the book?

1. The author needs children to know that the treasure is not worth someone's life.

2. Real pirates are too scary for young readers.

3. It would take too long to go back, collect the other student.

I think, it has to do with all of the above. The author does not want children to leave other children when they are hurt or lost. Leaving the child to die is not a lesson that young readers need to learn. And, the time it takes to go back to get the other little boy will take a long time. The writer might be pressed for word count and not be able to help the other character back to safty.

Tease Monster: A Book About Teasing Vs. Bullying (Building Relationships) by Julia Cook

Learn how to understand you child.  Know the difference between bullying and teasing.
Learn how to understand you child. Know the difference between bullying and teasing. | Source

Julia Cook book, Tease Monster

This book tries to put teasing and bulling into to different categories. The book should have been named, "How to get yourself suspended." Some of the teasing is hurtful. The bullying seems to be more a cry for help from a child in need of a psychiatrist.

The author tries to get tell the audience how to notice teasing and bullying. There are many examples of each.

The will no doubt help students who can not understand that they are being the bully. This book can give an idea of how to watch out for their own behaviors. They can now know that that is wrong.

Many parents and educators expect the child to act right. They do not tell the child how to act. They only assume that the child will do the right thing.

What is the right thing? The book tries to answer that question.

Educators might not know which punishment to give a student. With this book, they can offer a better understand of a child's behavior.

Bible, Matthew 20:20-24

Here are some notes from that sermon by TD Jakes, on this page:

Look inside of you instead of worrying about the outside of ourselves. You don't have to look right. You can still be able to do the right thing.

There is no running away for how you feel about what you did. Love yourself. Learn to love you. The outside should not matter. The heart should be what we should care about.
Bad feelings will create a different person inside.

The right group will not make you right. Work on yourself. Stop waiting until something gets better. Make yourself a better person inside.

Stop the blaming and living in the past. Move on with life. get over what you are worried about. Get on with your inner goals.

Understand what good has been done for you by Jesus.

Let Jesus save you. Come to him. You do not go to church to see the pastor.

There is no road block between people and Jesus. it is possible to come to him. We are already have gods love. There is no other love needed.

worship him for the right reason. have a good motive to worship. Don't try to manipulate your worship. Jesus does not want anything from you. Make a genuine complement. There are people who are manipulators.

Do something because they want to do it. Praise him for what you have. Worship him for what you have or don't have just because he is god.

NO short cuts in god. NO short cuts. Don't listen to people with ulterior motives. Don't let anyone ran with you unless you have someone suffer with you.

You should not manipulate. Let god take over your life.

Mathew 4:19

Obeying God will miss up your plans. things might be worse off. Stand still and he will bless you in his own time. Wait on the lord. don't act like you need anything. love the lord because he is there. God washes you form sin and manipulation.

Bon Jovi - It's My Life by BonJoviVEVO

Right Decision

How do you make the right decision?

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Solving Problems

"Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made." Said by Robert H. Schuller.

So, how do we so solve the problem. First, we have to identify the problem. How long will the problem take to solve? Second, you need to put down your plan on paper. You may need to get help to make your plan work.

Once, you have other people helping you, they can help you make a better plan to reach your goals. The first plan is only the first draft, away.

The problem might need to be planned out in several mini-problems.

Always, communicate with the people who are helping you on progress or lack their of.


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