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Making Wishes

Updated on September 20, 2013

A Wish I make on this night fair
That all who listen and do care
See what is right in front of them
Not just the negative found within

They know deep in their heart of hearts
That healing begins within and starts
To grow if they but let it be
And give thanks where they cannot see

For it is the unseen we must address
The hurt inside that all repress
Those things that make us burn inside
Things that make us run and hide

And only we know what they are
As we fly amongst the stars
At times in dreams they burn our eyes
But we know better when we rise

And hear the beauty all around
Murky and muffled or joyful sound
That can be seen if we but look
Around us all and like a book

We see written on the pages within
Words of our hearts, some lose some win
Rewriting pages as we go
Our eyes they open then we know

That our wishes are granted every day
The small and large each comes in play
As we see the little things we do
To both each other and also within you

It makes a difference to open our eyes
Makes a difference seeing the skies
The sun the moon the earth the air
Each is a wish given us to share

Walk out your doors in morning light
Look and see and let soul take flight
Knowing that each day is new
This is the Wish I ask for You!

Kari Shinal Copyright 10-15-07


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    • Tuatha profile image

      Kari Shinal 3 years ago from Fayetteville, NC

      Saw a falling star the other night. Wonder if they really work? Glad you enjoyed it Tainith!

    • profile image

      tainith 3 years ago

      I think this is one of my favs....keep up the great work! WOOOT!

    • profile image

      poke 3 years ago

      Tuath, what a divine wish for us all..god bless!!!