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You can enjoy writing by making it a part of you - How to live the writer's life.

Updated on December 26, 2013

How To Make writing Enjoyable Part 2

You can make writing more fun and enjoyable by making it your hobby or as part of your life. Listen to news items; attend news and press conferences - especially on topics of your interest or that which relates to what you write about. Simply try and centre your life or live your life basically around your topic so you know more and can get more ideas and experiences to use as examples and references in your content. When you embed or fuse your work into your social life you will be able to enjoy it more. You will always find writing exciting.

Be a good reader -Reading helps you to enjoy writing

When you enjoy reading you will enjoy writing. Writing goes hand in hand with reading. Every good writer is a good reader. When you read and have the knowledge of so many things, you don't get board with writing. This is because more different ideas keep occurring to you as you write and this makes writing exciting. You are able to come up with a variety of ideas to talk about and you are able to discuss these ideas from various angles to both make the writing exciting and your content interesting to read. When you have lots of vocabularies to express your ideas, you enjoy writing more. When you have the ideas and you don't have enough vocabs to express them you get bored with writing. Read a lot to equip yourself with vocabs , ideas and examples to support your claim .


Learn as you write-Consider writing as a learning process

Consider writing as a learning process with so many other benefits than just sharing your knowledge. Consider the writing also as a learning process which will lead to the discovery of many new things and ideas. When always have it in mind that by writing you are doing yourself a big favor of developing your own mind, you won't feel lazy or bored to write. Always take your time to develop the content through gradual stages. Making sure that you learn a new thing at ever stage of the writing process. As you draft and redraft your topics you will naturally prime the minds natural antenna that will sweep the environment to discover more new ideas that you never occurred to you. Exploring your topics thoroughly will make ideas naturally gravitate to you or occur to you through serendipity.

Using Music To Write

You can play some relaxing music in the background to help you write . That will help you spend more time in writing and enable you to write more contents. The truth is not everybody is able to gather their thoughts or maintain focus in writing when music is being played .Some people can only contemplate and write in a quiet serene atmosphere. Some are also able to set the mood with music and that helps them to come up with more ideas or more words for their article. You know individual differences - . Even the kind of music to use will depend on your individual preference. So if using music to write wouldn't disrupt your attention, I don't think it would really be a bad idea to use music to prevent boredomness or to create the mood for writing.

Find a Comfortable Place to Write

Always choose a place that you feel comfortable to sit and write. Find a favorite place that you can relax and think up more ideas for articles. It could be in your study room where you feel comfortable with, could be under a tree, in the garden, the beach etc

However , one of the main factor's that causes a Writer's block is boredomeness . This is as a result of working at the same place always or doing the same thing or even writing on the same topic all the time. You can therefore counter boredomness and writer's block by changing the places that you work for some time. You only need to make sure that wherever you choose is equally as comfortable as your original place. You have good light there and you can still comfortably use your notepad or your computer there. When you use a laptop, it's a lot more easy changing writing places for a while.

You can enjoy writing by changing the topics that you write on for a while. Or when you write daily, you can choose to start from different parts of your contents daily. You could begin sometimes from the introduction or the conclusion or even start to work on any paragraph within the main body of the content. That way writing doesn't become boring.

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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia

      Writing with the music always inspires me, especially when I listen to classical music. Some good suggestions for waking the muses.