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Making it all shut up skit

Updated on June 8, 2011


: Shut the fuck up! (Screaming)

[Person with weapon in his right hand, pointing slightly below the margin with fear, anger and sadness in his eyes]

: I can’t take it anymore

: I just can’t, all the buzzing, all the sounds

: They never shut up (Screaming)

: Why don’t they shut the FUCK up?

: O, but I can make them stop

: I can make it stop forever

: I will never have to deal with this again, never again

: Never waking up in the morning with sounds all over the place, they all hate me

: And sound comes from everybody, especially YOU!

: Why wouldn’t you listen to me? Why won’t you leave me alone, shut the fuck up?

: WHY?! (Screaming)

: TELL ME! (Screaming)

[Person starts sobbing, as it slowly turns into a slight cry and tears fall from his eyes]

[He stops and takes a deep breath, he wipes the tears away]

: I thought we had it, that we had it all

: But that is long gone it is different know, it is FUCKING hell now

: But I will make it go away; I will make it be OK

[Starts crying again loudly but softly stretches his back, straight, raises the gun slightly below the screen]

: I am sorry baby



[Cries in the background]

: Goodbye



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