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Man on fire

Updated on August 12, 2010

Man on fire


There is no space here for my own inspiration. This insanity is taking lives, raping woman, and giving poverty to our children.

I should be lost in a secret love affair privately dancing with a magical music man. I could wait here and watch from these lonely windows and pray to see someone watching back.

I'm changing here. This could all be erased if life were written out somewhere in a magnificent script. But no every chapter is bravely chiseled in stone.

There are these spider webs I can't bring myself to destroy. How can I bare to expose them? Tears fall from me now. Tears of laughter and sadness. This frustration aches me, because I don't know how to use it properly.

Just take from this burning tree that I am. Eat my fruit even the spoiled ones. I swear they are all magnificently sweet. In return I'll swim in your river and let you quench my fire. For then in the midst of our passion we will kill each other. You are water I am fire the two cannot both live.

My only apologies are only to the person who’s watching this tragedy and to the one who can only hear


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