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Man's War on God's Earth

Updated on March 17, 2015

God made man, to inherit the earth.

Gave means of sustenance, with nary a dearth;

Resources so rich, enough and to spare;

To meet man's needs, wants and care.

Fields that are fertile, air pure and pristine;

Swelling river waters bounding with joy,

Lapis lazuli lakes shimmering azure;

Endless rows of lush green farm,

Adding a nip and tuck to Nature's quiet charm.

Many a copse, shrubbery and

fruit-bearing trees,

Honey-laden flowers and

water-gushing creeks;

Butterflies of colours of many a hue,

Gardens of roses and violets of blue.

Berries and herbs, honey and myrtle,

For all to partake, make merry and chortle;

Granaries of grain and crops in abundance,

Enough to see man through many a pestilence.

Trees and plants bring about rains,

To grow wheat, veggies,

golden crops and grains;

Orchards and vineyards of

luscious fruits,

Shrubberies of berries and groves of nuts.

Cows and bulls, oxen and horses,

Sheep and lambs, goats and pigs;

Fish and fowl, birds and bees;

Plenty of milk, syrup and honey,

No crunch or shortage of good things any.

Meadows with cattle grazing till late,

Evening sun making exit in haste;

Hamlets and chalets and hulking homesteads,

Brooding and beckoning, homes in

good stead.

Most hopitable planet this earth,

Conditions congenial for joy and mirth;

For man to live in love and peace,

Exult in glee and rejoice opulence;

And thank the God for His grace in abundance.

Yet, greed of man knows no bounds,

Hogs he the wealth that in nature abounds;

Depletes resources,

Lives for the nonce,

Neither a thought nor a wit of compassion

For humanity to follow in succession.

Would not he reconcile to life in peace,

Albeit its being on a very short lease;

Quarelling, bickering, and fighting,

he must,

Garnering ego, pride, power and lust.

Politics of religion is what he knows,

Venom and vitriol are all that he spews;

Picks on the vulnerable, poor

and the weak,

Spares not the innocent and

the defenceless meak.

Pollutes and sullies the kind mother earth,

Squanders nature's bounty and boundless wealth;

Careless, callous and mindless is the man,

Reckless, hopeless and horrid

are his ways,

For aught he cares, believes and says.

War he wages and peace he shatters,

Women he enslaves, their body and

life he batters;

Brethren he beheads and

children he slaughters,

Casting fear and terror in

hearts of laughters.

Swears by the God but trenches

His word,

Commits heinous crimes and

darkest sins;

Knows not what he says nor

what he does,

Clever though with Scriptures,

the devil that he is.

Earth he has made a veritable Hell,

Fighting wanton wars, and

black deeds without lull;

God made man to inherit the earth;

Man is bent on wrecking

home and hearth.

© 2015 Kalyanaraman Raman


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    • Kalpatraman profile image

      Kalyanaraman Raman 2 years ago from NOIDA

      Thanks a ton. Shall strive to do better.

    • profile image

      Neela Iyer 2 years ago

      Earth he has made a veritable Hell,

      Fighting wanton wars, and

      black deeds without lull;

      God made man to inherit the earth;

      Man is bent on wrecking

      home and hearth.

      Superb Poem. You brought out the lush beauty of the Earth given as a gift to man to use and rule and the pathos of destruction brought about by his greed and arrogance!