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Many Bridges To Enchantment.

Updated on March 15, 2011

Many Bridges to Enchantment.





Paradise is but
a bridge away
for a composer.

Beauty is simply
a river or border crossing
for an immigrant.

Prosperity becomes complete
when it's bridgework for a dentist.

It's a drawbridge for an artist,
an a fingerboard for guitarists.

The gangplank is sweet
shore leave for the sailor.

A rope bridge is for all
who've reached the end of it.

A suspension bridge thrills
those who love mystery,
will it carry them
to peace or certain drowning,

A swing bridge sways for the
dancers and jazz players.

A toll bridge collects payments due

for the sinners facing judgement.

A marriage bridges joy for all
lovers joining hearts.

And for me it is the poetry I write,
it takes me to a
meadow-ed pond so lovely,
where I can ponder
all the world at large
in a shaded hat
amidst the hums of life.


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