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Dumb poem collection #109 through #119

Updated on December 27, 2012

The next 11 dumb poems after the first 108

It is tough to quit writing these things. Come to think of it, it may be just as tough to read 'em.

There's an art to Dumb Poems
There's an art to Dumb Poems

# 109 - Pro-Found

Ars est celare artem;
that’s how my verse is, postpartum.
It takes one like you or one like me
to get the message – really see.
You can’t just read ‘em. You have to heart ‘em.


A brief word from on high
A brief word from on high

# 110 - Better shape up down there

Why should there be much wonder
that there is often thunder
along with real hard rain?
Sometimes, when God is crying
about creations, trying,
He simply shouts with pain.

Ready or not, here I come
Ready or not, here I come

# 111 - Night workers – I

As I go to bed of a summer’s night,
I think of sweet rest to come ; pure delight.
So, it’s into my night togs and onto my bed.
When my head hits the pillow, my "roommates" see red.
Soon comes three in the morning, and on the fight goes.
No sleep! I’m still swatting those darn mosquitoes.


Butter on its way
Butter on its way

# 112 - Night workers – II

Two policemen fast asleep.
Birds all perching, snakes a’creep.
An alley cat who wants a friend.
A neighbor lurching ‘round the bend.
While, overhead, the bats all flutter,
and Bossy Cow makes milk for butter.


She knows how to do things, sure enough
She knows how to do things, sure enough

# 113 - Night workers – III

"Nurse, Nurse! I’m truly worse.
I’m caught up in this bedpan.
This bed’s a mess, I must confess.
Please do what only you can."


0.000001 miles per hour
0.000001 miles per hour

# 114 - Night workers – IV

Crawling slowly.
Feeling lowly.
Never wailing.
Simply snailing.


Those floors are just the least of it
Those floors are just the least of it

# 115 - Night workers – V

Up or down, inside or out,
night janitors will rarely shout.
Messy floors; their cup of tea,
and clean commodes; their history.
You never see them as you work,
but all that cleanness is no quirk.


There are  good grits and not-so-good grits
There are good grits and not-so-good grits

# 116 - Y’all come on back, heah?

If you’re from the South,
steer clear of the Ritz.
Their eggs are OK,
but they cannot cook grits.


Sealed with a kiss?
Sealed with a kiss?

# 117 - Through smoke and fog

There’s a funny thing with the mail today;
a 40-cent stamp will cost you "A."

Note: The postal service now just raises prices, but they used to sell letter-marked stamps when they raised prices on the things - hence "A" stamps.


He raffs a whole lot. too
He raffs a whole lot. too

# 118 - A leafing reader

There was a young man from Alief
whose language was strange and most brief.
His L’s were all R’s
and his R’s just plain L,
so he led just as fast as we reaf.


"Did you forget something!"
"Did you forget something!"

# 119 - Do not re-use this envelope

Non-delivery due to failure of sender
to supply whole address or to render
full postage as due.
We send all back to you.
(Did you mail this while on a big bender?)



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