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Marmaduke Comic Books

Updated on October 18, 2010

Marmaduke is a Great Dane that features in a Comic Strip of the same name. The comic strip was first drawn in 1954 by Brad Anderson who continues to produce the strip to this day. The comic strip is widely syndicated around the world in over 660 newspapers in 20 countries.

Marmaduke is an overgrown child in a huge dogs body, his emotions and thoughts are almost human in their nature. Marmaduke's antics and mishaps are both hilarious and remarkably familiar to anyone with a dog.

Marmaduke has been the subject of a 1980's TV series and is rumoured to be the subject of an upcoming motion picture.

Marmaduke Books at Amazon

Top Dog: Marmaduke at 50
Top Dog: Marmaduke at 50

A collection of strips to mark the cartoons 50th Anniversary.


Characters in the Comic Strip

  • Marmaduke - Is the main character in the comic strip as the name suggests. He is a great dane who lives with the Winslow family and is typically large and playful. Marmaduke epitomizes the overgrown lap dog, with an irascible streak and a penchant for mischief that is tempered with a deep sense of love and responsibility for his family. The emotions he expresses are almost human.
  • Dottie - Is the mother of the Winslow family. She generally is interrupted and put out by Marmaduke's constant attention and pranks.
  • Phil - Is the father of the Winslow family. He loves Marmaduke despite his adventures however gets fed up once in a while.
  • Barbara - Is the oldest child in the Winslow family, also known as "Barbie".
  • Billy - Is the youngest child in the Winslow family. Billy is more at the mercy of Marmaduke than the others, as he is still dwarfed by the family pet.

Marmaduke Backlash

Surprisingly for a cartoon that has been produced for so long, over 50 years, and is so widely circulated the cartoon has received more than its fair share of criticism. Most of the criticism has been leveled at the fact that there is very little variety in the cartoons, people even going as far as to say there is one joke, "Its funny because he's a dog" or ironically referring to it as "a hot source of retro-ironic-subversive humor".

Its really just a comic strip about a dog doing things that dogs do and much like dogs themselves people either love them or hate them.


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