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Math And Love -- Relationship and Formulas

Updated on January 29, 2014

Is love a science or an art? Can we approach love with a brain and math? These thoughts came into our mind a few hours ago; we just wanted to find some answers regarding this matter.

A nerdy kind of... view?

We don't have nothing against our beloved friends that spend their time on the net, twitter and are about to add this freaking app to their social media needs. But honestly, if it wasn't for Einstein, Graham Bell, Ford, Steve Jobs and so many net gurus like Sergei Brim and Larry page from Google, we would've been riding a 2012 first class Carriage.

Did they have trouble regarding love matters? We think it was a 50/50 chance. They had as many opportunities as us... regular folks.


The scientist behind those good manners

Our friends with a high IQ, have a different view of the world. They basically, here is just an example, break down everything, and test every word said and heard. Their memory is like that extended memory from your cellphone, but this time the difference is how they got it...for free?

It's just genetics and self replicating intelligent neurons. We are lucky to have a background in math and being capable of understanding these fellows with no problem. Let's see what we got in store tonight/today.

Action v.s. Reaction

Is a law from life. You get hurt so many times growing up, that you just give up on that hot chick from next door. If they want something or someone, they study the time needed, the statistics of past rejections and critical words to be used at the right moment to be able to be in control. Some can be inpatient, and some just withdraw with no explanation.


The Love Formula ...

Just to prove how a mind can change the world and a life. We keep making comparisons with actual examples:


You might think that the Area of a simple rectangle is BaseXHeight and period!! But this time is totally different:

Arousal =BodyXHeat

The units can vary from kisses.. down to 'accomplishments,' but you get the picture... Ya know?



This was formulated by Einstein in 1905, and probably earlier, but we came to the conclusion that the real formula was like this one:

Energy from love= MindX(Caresses)2

Technically, the units can be measured in orgasmic nano-feelings, depending on the caresses as you can sense... in awe.



Yeah, that is an easy one: Force applied to a mass x, equals the mass of the body times the change in motion or speed; which our fellow classical mechanics teachers proudly call acceleration. We certainly know Issac Newton and we can tell you that the original formula could've been invented way back by Ptolemy. Here is the original formula:

Feelings= memoriesxactions

You might say, "it doesn't make sense at all!" Just remember one thing: Newton was born premature, his dad died when he was a young lad. His mom remarried too soon... and that simply made our genius to become somebody. The units were measured in priceless Karma.

Our Own Formula

Now that you have entered our realm and willing to go all the way with that sincere smile, we are going to show you a simple formula as... huh, life itself. The short formula of Love is as follows. We put aside linear algebra, Calculus and trigonometric functions, so our regular folks could understand it better:

L=FxCxTxA where:

L= Love

F= Feelings

C= Caresses and Conversation

T= Time spent together

A= affection from within; sincere and honest!

Thanks to those rambling muses, and credits to our Math tutor that changed our lives when kids!

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