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A feline Fantasy-Matilda

Updated on December 29, 2013

Mad cat, sneaky kittens

Matilda was slinking, low to the ground

swishing her long tail of black.

She felt quite stylish in her new straw hat

carrying a big brown sack

Matilda was the only kitten wearing a hat.

The others were jealous you know.

They plotted to steal it and take it away,

But they didn't know where they could go.

The kittens sneaked up.. quiet as could be.

They grabbed the hat from her head.

They couldn't agree who should wear the new hat

so they fought till they tore it to shreds.

Matilda came running, eyes blazing green.

Why did you steal my straw hat?

She opened the brown sack and guess what they found

a lovely straw hat for each cat!

The kittens were ashamed for their terrible act.

How can we face you, dear friend?

"Just remember I love you, we are kittens in Christ,

and please don’t be bad kittens again"

A Critters Caper poem


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