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May Day Play

Updated on May 1, 2013

Around the may pole dancers go

Swaying to and fro

No clothes upon their skin they wear

Pale white, and bare

Laughing and joking with impish delight

From afar, quite a sight

Music plays upon the gusting wind

Fairies appear as a friend

Stopping the dance and staring hard

At the great fairy bard

Head held high and harp on cheek

Mouth opens, to speak

A song comes from deep in his chest

Captivated, the humans rest

He speaks with confidence loud and strong

Of days, long since gone

As he speaks the wheel does turn

The humans begin to yearn

When suddenly the fairies vanish

As if by magic.

The humans look around the sky

The moon shines so high

The day long spent and spent it well

Under a fairy spell.


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