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MAYA IN MAYORAH...! (update--came to pass)

Updated on November 19, 2011






Maya Curtis is an Actress who accepted a blind date with a Marine last June, she did it for her country and made a real Marine corps sergeant happy. Tonight is the night and the ball is in full swing...

Maya leaves the reception and goes to her hotel room, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. After taking a shower and watching the news, Maya goes to rest...supposedly.

The alarm clock wakes her up at 8 a.m. and in seconds someone knocks her door; Is the Marine who she attended with to the annual Ball party. He comes in with a dozen roses and dress in his gala uniform, white gloves and all.

"Oh my God! says Maya. "Sergeant Moll, who told you I was here?" The marine smiles and gives her a kiss on her cheeks and hands her the roses. "Just some connections with my Seals... no! was kidding. I guess your agent tip you off Maya, hahaha!, my bad, sorry!"

Maya impressed and embarrassed, makes him seat on the sofa. "Well, I guess I will have to fire my agent, Won't I?" remarks Maya with a smile. Please! She told me it was a good idea for me to get my extra 'fifteen minutes of fame', and asked me to tell you to think about it"


Maya introduces Michael Moll to her new game: THE WORLD OF MAYORAH! tentatively known as W.O.M.

"all you have to do is to put this V.R. headset and get your own dominion Mike," says Maya with a sweet smile. "Great, feels like i'm on a secret mission, " answers the marine.

"let me sign on too. Is gonna be a one on one game," assures Maya, who rest face up on a custom made rest bed. She also fixes her headset and joins Mike on the game. the headset has a shield that closes on too.


Both are set on the paradise of Mayorah. Lakes, mountains and rainbows left and right. Maya has her own avatar: an stylized Mayan princess. Mike is a Mayan warrior, who is definitely her guardian.

Both are diving into a deep ocean and are caught inside a whirlpool that leaves them ashore near a beach with pink sand and pink seagulls. Humanity or whatever they call their inhabitants became a matriarchal society, since men became almost stint.

"But, I'm still a male in this game Maya." A rumbling sounds appears and shakes their surrounding. " You were supposed to stay quiet. The game has started, he is here!"

"Who? asks Michael. "The taker, the dragon who will friskly take you away in revenge for killing his Master, his Originator. "Holly cow, he saw me!!" screams Michael.

Both are running for their lives and after crossing through an infinite jungle they fall again into bushes and trees that transport them to safety. Not for so long!


They fall again in an Island on a lower level or suspended stage; is the Island of Hope. Where all the wishes that never came true are granted.

Both are shown different sizes and models of jet skies and end up racing against themselves. At the very end,

they realize they are heading into a waterfall where the Dragon is waiting with an opened and fetid mouth....below the breezy air mist.


Suddenly Maya open her eyes and realizes that she had a nightmare, and someone is knocking her door..again?

"Gosh! was so real!, Who is it?". We hear a woman's voice. "Is me, Maya!". Of course! Is Pam, her agent. When Maya opens the door she sees also Corporal Moll, with a dozen roses and as in the dream or nightmare, he is in his dress Marine Corps uniform. Gallantly kisses her cheeks and she tells him to get seated on the sofa. Maya takes Pam to the Kitchen furious! " How!.. Why did you bring him in here, Pam? Are you nutts?"

"No, Maya, listen... He wanted to say Goodbye...he is going back to Iraq, Basra I think. And, you know, he begged me to tell him where were you". Maya, touches both cheeks and blushes. Maya fixes her hair up. "Well in that case, you did good Pam. Let's go see him again and hug him as a message to all our armed forces anonymous heroes!"

"God bless our troops! and leave that game for later, would you?"

Go Mila!

courtesy of LILBZQT


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi funmontrealgirl!

    Well...would you do that for a guy that really likes you but you cannot accept as a BF?

  • funmontrealgirl profile image

    funmontrealgirl 6 years ago from Montreal

    Lucky guy! And she sounds great for doing that.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thnaks Bobbi. She is really cute and donw to earth.


  • BobbiRant profile image

    BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

    Great hub! She is such a sweet person to be kind to that military guy. You know,she'll probably raise her fan base because she has acted like a real human being not some stuck up Diva. I liked this one.