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Meaningful Poems

Updated on April 14, 2016

Broken silver platter

A hope build in a dusty road. This very ideas prompt me to write this hidden treasures of thought's from my heart.

Broken silver platter

An entirely original fairy played

Drifting, Edelweiss song's; to last stand

Leaves falls upon the shoulder's of mine

Nothing to gain, blame to no one:

Springs with two edges sword

Wafting, Edelweiss song's; to last will

Brittle bone's; wilted of the boulevard

Soon, petals falling on orchard wall

Living in whistle stop of endow

Wafting, Edelweiss song's; to last will

Bowling along the Patricia country row

To vow; soon, I'll face the gloom bill:

And drawn the anchor of the gathering line

Meander, Edelweiss song's; to last stand

Soon, snowy pile the wintry memory lane

And I rather living my way to first stand:

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