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Updated on January 15, 2015

After Hours


Families in bed,my housework is done
Time for me to have my fun
Peace and quiet is a treat on its own
Sit back with a coffee,on my private throne.
I keep the TV down,I creep about very quiet
Will I try something new,maybe I will try it.
I write some poems,read my book
Think of my day,any liberties took?
I sit up till about 3, I have trouble sleeping
Some nights I fret,I've been close to weeping.
I worry too much,or maybe not enough
My brain is too active,full of random stuff.
Have I got it easy ,or is my life a bit tough
Kids starving round the world,definitely have it rough.
I think I can help,I give money each week
To kids and animal charities,does that make me weak?
My heart goes out to the kids who are dying
I can only give money,that's why I'm crying.
I would like to do more,go abroad,give aid
Then maybe my guilt will be truly repaid.
Would I help these people,my disability might make it worse
I hate not being active,car crash was my curse.
All these thoughts,notions and ideas
Some times the only heighten my apparent fears.
Quivering wreck some days,strong on the other few
As I think I am better,my fears just grew.
I do the dishes,maybe mop the floor
I hear a chap,who's at my door.
Has fate came to claim me,do I get another chance
Do I get some happiness,on life's long dance.
My mind is a torrent of never ending voices
Telling me what to do,giving me constant choices.
Even when I reach bed,I struggle to sleep
Remembering past family members,I still see them weep.
If I had the chance,my brain I would clear
See if I can wake one day,without no fear.
I would love that moment when I wake with a smile
Sadly I don't see it coming,at least not for a while.

My time.

i sit up most mornings till after three.I suffer from insomnia,but I tend not to dwell on it.i sit at night and amuse myself with writing,or maybe some television.i love the early hours of the morning.its so quiet and peaceful.this time at night in my opinion is the best time of the day.then,by the time four o'clock comes,then maybe I can go to my bed and sleep.i don't usually drop off immediately,after lying awake for a time my body tends to give up ,and I get about two to three hours sleep.better than nothing.

Some information,


up all night,hardly sleep

some days I feel like I could weep

try to keep busy,find a job to do

after a while,wont feel so blue

fighting tiredness and pain

what royalties do I gain.

do I test my resolve

will my sleep pattern evolve.

this is a daily puzzle,I cannot fix

then the mind starts to play tricks.

tricking me,hear noises,see things not there

hell of a situation,really not fair.

will it ever end,light at the end of the road

or am I forever cursed to carry this load.

Worlds problem.

Back and forth.

back forth

up down

smile growl

imitate a frown


lifes a mess

keep up appearances

keep to a plan

grow an attitude

act like a man.

deal with it,

cope if I can

seems like an idea

a reasonabke plan.

What Are the Options?

lack of sleep can be a major problem for people.i deal with it daily like its second nature to me now.a lot of people crack under the pressure of not getting enough sleep.a lot of car accidents are caused yearly because of this exact problem.and as many accidents in the household occur each year due to lack of sleep.theres no immediate solution springing to mind.ive seen Doctors,specialists and none of them could come up with a credible solution to the problem.they as much as said,there are no other avenues to explore,basically I was to deal with the insomnia by say I was surprised and annoyed by this response is an understatement.maybe there will be a cure in the near future.heres hoping.sooner rather than later.

Facts about Insomnia.

Around 30 -50% of people will experience Insomnia or a sleep disorder in their lives at some point.

Around 10% will go on to have chronic insomnia,causing health problems.

insomnia falls in to three categories,

Transient insomnia lasts around a week.

Short term insomnia lasts two to four weeks.

Chronic insomnia lasts for one month or more.


awake before I sleep

happy before i weep

in control while breathing

anger while im seething

tension before action

movement before reaction.

stop before I go

my life isn't so

end to the hell

only time will tell.

Favourite escape.


How many Hub Authors suffer from Insomnia?

See results


i think I'm destined to suffer from Insomnia for a long time yet.i follow the media regarding the issue,I see doctors regularily,there is never any good news about possible cures or treatments.i have had it a long time now,maybe I will have it for a long time to come yet. I do envy people that can sleep like its a sport. My wife and kids all sleep like the dead.which im happy for them of course.i would not wish this condition on anyone,not even my worst enemy.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Hi Rita, I have that problem aswell sometimes.its a pain,but what can you do.

    • Risa Stewart profile image

      Marisa K. Rouse 3 years ago from North Carolina

      I seem to have trouble falling asleep and then I struggle with getting up/waking up.