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Melt Your Heart(part 1&2)

Updated on March 10, 2011
Part 1
Part 1

"Don't get attached." He said.
"I will only hurt you in the end.
My heart is made of stone,
and I'd rather be alone,
than to ever love again."

But there was something in his eyes,
that told me this was lies.
Blue and deep set,
I won't give up yet.

I see the pain you've been through.
Is there nothing I can do,
to make your life much better?
Because I would do anything for you,
anything you wanted me to.
I'm down for whatever.

But you have to let me in,
you have to drop your guard,
for the fire I have inside
to melt your heart.

Part 2
Part 2

"I'm detached and logical.
I'll never get too close.
I'm living in the past.
I'm living with a ghost.
I'm too afraid I'll hurt you,
than to ever let you in."
He said, "I know how I was before,
and I refuse to be that again."

But there was something in his eyes,
that told me he wanted to try.
Blue and deep set,
he won't give up yet.

Because I see the pain you've been through,
trust me, I've been there too.
Don't compare me to your other girls,
I can make it so much better.
I won't break your heart in two.
But you have to drop your guard,
to let the fire I have inside
melt your heart.

© 2010 Nikki Wicked


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    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 6 years ago from Louisiana

      This was the first hub i published i believe, and at first i didnt have the poems typed out, just on the photos, and it recently got blocked for not meeting hubpages standards, so i typed the poem out, but yes having those words said to me was very hard, loving that person was very hard, well actually that was the easy part, him loving me back was the hard part, he couldnt do it, he did say he loved me at one point, but it wasnt the kind of love i was looking for, he wasnt in love, he was always a loner, he had gotten his heartbroken once upon a time and i dont think he ever really healed from that, but anyways im not big on getting married, but its a shame you let that break up such a long relationship. thats a big reason why i dont want to get married, because if i get married i want it to be for life, i dont ever want to have to go through getting divorced, but i know those things arent guaranteed, people change, fall in and out of love, lie and cheat, and i have a lot of trust issues myself so i know how you feel, and im really proud of these poems, i wish more people had stopped by and read and commented so thank you.

    • aware profile image

      aware 6 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      Hmmm . I have had those words said to me before. After 10 years of marriage. Followed by a 12 year relationship that ended because i refused to marry again . Ive become jaded. Loving is a hard thing to do, for me.

      I picked this one cus it was alone. lil did i know it would speak to me in such a profound way.