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Memorable Moments

Updated on December 2, 2012

Memorable Moments

Sometimes the most memorable moments in life last as long as the beholder’s existence. The thoughts and feelings created in that moment grow by lingering through the memory over and over. The delicious taste and beautiful essence, the diligence and attention we give those fragile thoughts without breaking it. The exploration and unimaginable adventure we take without fear. It is not without reason it has become the food of the hungry hurt souls. It can significantly change the person’s attitude and action entirely by that one memorable thought.

Beautiful memories have the power to bring warmth to the cold hearts, peace to the troubled souls, sight to the blinded eyes, and knowledge to the ignorant minds.Our minds hold memories and glimpses of that long life we passed and which still goes on. Many may be forgotten within the moment, but it is the worst and the fondest memories that control where our minds sail. The worst memories are at a continuous war that is hard to make peace with. Though not impossible to overcome or forget, it would be naive to think that peace can be attained easily. Only time, faith and hope can color the grey walls that were built by those memories. As for the fondest memories one carries, it is the savior for the rest of the beholder’s days. All things are seen bright and beautiful, exceptional and significant, enlightened and wonderful.

Moments touch those who wonder and dream. They are remarkably beautiful and eternal for those who see its true meaning and impression on life. My beautiful and wonderful memories will live within me and not vanish like a dream. They will not die nor sink in the deepest ocean. They will not be forgotten nor lost by the wind of time. They will not be neglected nor overlooked by the fantasies of life. They will live and flourish as I pace through them every night and every morning.

Reem Alirhayim


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    • Reem Alirhayim profile image

      Reem Alirhayim 2 years ago

      Thank you Akriti :)

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      Voted up :)