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Memorial Moment- My father and I

Updated on May 15, 2011

Do you have the most memorial moment ever in your life? It really started out with your family and then with your friends. The most memorial moment ever for me was the day I went out with my dad. My dad and I decided to walk along the levy and bridges. That day was about 105F, it was a very hot day. I was walking along the bridge kicking the dirt with my right foot. My dad and I was talking about the haunted house we walk pass. He told me what happen years ago before I was even born. There was a family of six living in the house, one day a gun man storm in the house and robbed the family. Everyone in the family was shot to death. When the house was offered for rent by another family member, people who rent the house moved out because they were being scared by those spirits. The house was listed for sale for only $1.00 and my dad friend didn’t believe in spirit or any super natural so he bought it. When he moved in that night he left the house leaving his stuff behind. Religious people like an abbot or the church man who considered father came to say their prayer and splash holy water around the house. When they went in for a couple of minute they all came back out and never did they return.

I laughed about it because it sounds like a fiction haunting story. I told my dad that he’s a liar but it was an interesting story.

I jumped on my dad back so he could give me a piggy back ride and I start making scary sound to scare my dad. He laughed and told me not to do things like that because it may come true. I told him old people always want to scare kids!

When we got to the grape garden, we start picking grapes behind the fences. My dad forgot to bring the basket to put the grapes in, so I told him to take off his sweater and we would have to tie up each hole in a knot and use it as a bag. After we filled up the sweater with grapes, my dad and I start carrying it back home. We pass the haunted house again and I joked, “Dad, carrying this sweater filled with grapes feel like I’m carrying a dead body,” then the sleeve of my dad sweater start swinging back and fourth. I glanced at the haunted house and I saw someone was looking at me from the attic of the house. Then I feel like someone was behind me and I start walking a little faster than before. When the sleeves to the sweater start to hit my buttock, I threw the sweater filled with grapes on top of my dad and start running. I ran all the way home without looking back and when I got home, my mom asked, “Where is your dad?” I told my mom that I left him at the haunted house. She told me to go back and check on him.

So I went back, I saw my dad sitting down eating grapes. I told my dad that I was sorry that I left him and he laughed. He told me it was okay, so instead of bringing the grapes back home; we turn out giving it out to the homeless. We walked under the bridge and cross the river and gave each vine of grapes to the homeless to eat. My dad continues telling stories about how people go homeless and what I would have to do to get away from it. That day he taught me so much about how value life was and if I ever get stuck at a place of know where, he taught me how to find food. This was the most memorial moment in my life with my dad.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Reynold, my dad could be the best dad in the world and the worst. lol...but either way, I love him. You are right, spending time with them is the best choice to make in life as they won't be there forever. Thanks. :)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      IT is nice that an everyday experience can mean so much. Your dad sounds like a loving person who loved his daughter very much. Cherish any time you spend with your parents. One day you will be separated forever.

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!