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Memories of Love Lasting - Lyrics

Updated on July 10, 2014
Eternal Love
Eternal Love | Source

I’m looking for that place

The place where we first met

When we were young and so in love

It was so long ago

But seems like yesterday

A time that I revisit in my heart

And though we grew apart

The years have not erased

The memories of the love we shared

And if I had a second chance

I know

I’d never let you go

If I could have known back then

What I know now

The years of sadness spent

A broken heart

From love that’s been unkind

I’m hoping I will find

The one so long ago

Has missed the love that we once knew

And should he still possess

The memories of a time

When love we spent was innocent and true

I wonder if the day

Will ever come again

When fate would cross our paths once more

And if you had a second chance

Would you

Ever let me go?

Would you do it all again?

I have to ask

Or is this a fantasy

A hopeless dream

To resurrect what’s passed

I’m thankful for a time

When love was so sincere

The happiness continues to this day

Your love has rescued me

For more than thirty years

A place where I could go and feel set free

I never will forget

The place where we first met

It’s deep within my heart for all of time

And it will always

And forever be

Where we can love eternally


The Eternal Love

Maybe God allows us to have someone in our life that we love so much and then lose, so that we can have a better understanding of a much greater love.

Whether we’re the one that did the damage that ended the relationship or the one who was on the hurting end; either way, the love (Relationship) that you thought would last forever came to an end, but the love for that person didn’t.

In Deuteronomy, the LORD told Moses that Israel was going to take on the worldly surroundings of the land He was bringing them to. They would abandon Him and break their covenant with Him, and He was going to allow them to live in the mess that they made (So to speak), and they would be scattered throughout the earth before He would bring them back unto Himself. I can imagine a hurting Israel crying out to the LORD for a second chance to have what they once knew.

In these last few days of ELUL, as we approach the High Holy Days, let us remember that the difference between the WORD and the World is a one “L” – God is the “One EL” of the WORD; He is the Eternal Love; serve Him!

Hag Sameach!

Happy New Year

And have a blessed 5774


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