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Mental Tripp

Updated on February 5, 2020

By: Toni Whisenant

Intensity restrained.

Deliberate intoxication.

Unity unchanged.

Back to dire frustrations.

Safely secured

In a blackened vault.

Thoughts unheard

Only begging to find fault.

Misdemeaning inactions

Cause consequence to shift.

Disabling reactions

Due to a paranoia trip.

Schizophrenia running rampant

In a close-encounter space.

Flying through the wind

Like an eagle finding face.

Goddess called upon

Unlike the uniformed common blessing.

Yet another is gone

Due to the unseen phantom lessening.

Back into a time warp trip,

Wishing with all dispair

To be part of this cosmo flip

Of the never-ending disrepair.

Reparations mounting

Taking the invisible to count

Agianst the dying ember

Of what our world is all about.

Alas, young teacher,

For knowing you do not.

Against the commonplace soldier

In a battle against the wrought.

Damned, unholy veterans

Causing this table turned to face.

The super mounting atrocity

Of this ever-liing race.

Time is meaningless

As far as we seem in ths dream.

Escape such a far-away place

From the realities by other means.

Endless delay of a subtle tranquility.

A calm more precious than gold.

A sleep at most severe in serenity.

And the sweetest memories of old.

Again and again the water falls

Over the rocks of Mother Earth.

The beautiful sound of hypnotizing calls

And the calming sense to search.

Trust another not to mock,

Against the common thread.

Piece apart the fearless lock

Of what isdone and said.

Again and again the screaming fails

As my voice is simply cut short

From the drastic escape from all my ails

And the gain of some ungodly court.

Back again, I come to face

The entrancing song of life.

A single small tear tries to trace

The stories of my knife.

The one used to flee my hate

And my emotional rampages.

Never coming too late,

Insanity transferred to advanced stages.

Screaming still unheard,

Thoughts infiltrating my dreams.

I know it sounds absurd

But I'm ripping at the seams.

Coming out of my panic,

I rearrange my mind,

Hoping to create havoc

From the unseen kind.

My illnesses come to pass

As I slow down from my time-warp flip.

Intensity falling fast

As I come out of my mental tripp.


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