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Halimbawa ng Mga Epikong Tagalog

Updated on June 19, 2013

Epikong Tagalog

Philippine Epics or Mga Epikong Tagalog is an example of Tagalog Kwentong Bayan. They are usually stories of characters struggling against evil and triumphing in the end. There are many different kinds of Epikong Tagalog.

These stories were usually passed on by mouth because during the time they were being told there wasn't much forms of writing yet. In the pre-hispanic Philippines, most communities or tribes would have gatherings and these are the venues for the telling and sharing of these stories. There are dulaan or Philippine plays that would be done and sometimes they are just told personally from person to person.

This shows that Filipinos love storytelling and at the same time listening to stories. And in their stories you can really see how their lifestyles during that time would be reflected and it is as if you can really see what it is like to live in their time. Even if Epics from the Philippines are full of magic and fantasy, there is that reflection of the reality they were living in during that time. You can see what kind of life they were living and how they gave importance to hunting, fishing, and agriculture. You will also get a chance to see their mythology and the different kinds of things they believed in during their time. 

Mga Epikong Tagalog
Mga Epikong Tagalog

Halimbawa ng Epikong Tagalog

One very popular example of Mga Epikong Tagalog would be Biag ni Lam-ang. It is actually an epic poem from the Ilokano peope (those who are local to the province of Ilocos). It is actually considered as one of the most important example from Ilokano literature. 

Lam-ang's life was full of trials that he was able to overcome. This shows how the pre-hispanic Filipinos viewed life and how optimistic they were. 

Many of the colonists were saying that they went to the Philippines to teach us what it is like to live and how to have governments and laws and that we were uncivilized but really our literature is a great reflection and proof that we had forms of governance, we were intellegent people with a community that had laws and rules, and that we were creative and are rich with art and literature.

Mga Epikong Tagalog

There are many websites online where you can get free downloads of Mga Epikong Tagalog. There really is not much sources anymore but if you want you can go to your school library and research some more about Philippine epics. I am sure that you will love reading these stories and at the same time get a chance to see the world through the eyes of Filipino ancestors.

Be sure to checkout Mga Epikong Tagalog examples to be able to see other kinds of Epics from the Philippine literature. Our literature is rich with many amazing stories and poems and we should really take time to check them out so we can appreciate our heritage and get to see what it was like during the time of our ancestors.

Epikong Tagalog Examples

You should also check out Mga Alamat examples to see other kinds of literature from the Philippines.


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