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Mighty Mini Men

Updated on February 12, 2014

The mighty men

The mini men

The mighty mini men

The mighty men

The mini men

The mini, mini men

They stay inside

Inside they stay

That is where they love to play

They have so many things to say

Fifty thousand times a day

I want to make them go away

But they hang out here every day

I cannot bear to look away

Away you mighty men!

The sounds they make

My heart they break

I cannot even bake a cake

Are they so real that I'm just fake?

The mini, mighty men!

If they were clear on what they said

I might enjoy them in my head

If they'd only said left or right

I might be in my bed tonight

But now beneath the moon so bright

The fading golden, orange light

I try I try with all my might

But I can no longer fight

The mighty mini men!

I want to tell my aching feet

To beat a quite hasty retreat

Instead I wander 'round the street

Afraid of anyone I meet

Oh how I wish that I could greet

The mini mighty men

Copyright 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved


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