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The Truth According to Mikel

Updated on September 4, 2012

...Truth... God Loves Diversity.

-If... in order to get someone to admit you're right, you have to hurt them... then... you have failed to be right ...twice.

-TE-i-AM: As good as I am... I am but one of many... and many are better than me... alone.

-If two heads are better than one... Then how good are millions of them? <We the People>

-The only Right We the People need... is the right of VETO POWER: A Government of the people by the people, is a Government in which We the People get to tell the Government NO, by vetoing their laws and taxes through majority vote.

-If only a genius can understand the law... Then only a genius can follow the law.

-Financial Dictators -1%ers- have taken control of the United States by making the electoral system dependent on financial contributions from the 1%ers. Before a candidate can run for office and compete for our secondary votes they must first pledge to serve the interests of the wealthy. Therefore, We the People have the right to vote for anyone they want.

-If law enforcement is allowed to selectively enforce or not enforce the "law"... Then it really isn't "law" is something else.

-Sexism is sexism even if it is sexism against men.

-Racism is racism even if it is racism against whites.

-There is no normal life, there's just... life.


-I often wondered why God would love me, flawed and primitive as I am... Until I saw my children discovering life for the first time... Then I understood God's love for me.

-Faith: Believing in something without proof. It is not: believing when there is proof to the contrary.

-What makes you an Active Atheist is believing that the existence of any supreme being is impossible.

-What makes you Benignly Neutral (a passive Atheist, an Ignostic, an Agnostic, or an open-minded Believer)... is admitting that either, or both, positions might be correct....

-What makes you an Adamant Believer (Bible-Thumper /Zealot/Absolutist) is believing that the non-existence of your supreme being is impossible.

-If to be as good as someone else, you have to make them less... Then, you never will be... as good as them.

-We are not human beings having a Spiritual Experience... We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS... having a Human Experience.

-Absolute Light is just as blinding as Absolute dark.

-What is the Meaning of Life? ...SEASONING...

-Struggling is natures way of strengthening us to survive what comes next.

-That which does not kill me makes me stronger, unless it makes me weaker...

-'Everything' minus anything at all, is no longer 'Everything'... It is something else.

Nothing transformed into Everything.

Everything creating everything else.

-The questions must continue, until the answers, make sense to the one asking the questions.

-A square is a circle that refuses to cut corners.

-A truly wealthy man is one whose children run into his arms, when his hands are empty.

-an existence in which there is no God and no immortal soul, is an existence in which the best we can hope to achieve is to be mesmerized by some shiny stuff, or to get laid...

-In a situation where there is no proof... Anything is possible... until Proven Impossible.

-Logic takes us to where the proof ends, Faith takes us home.

-Believing in God will not make you immortal, nor will it cause God to change the rules for you or those you love... Eventually each of us must face death. Every one of us will die. Believing in God, trusting God, having faith in God's good sense and good judgement, simply makes death less scary.

-If Jesus really was God's biological offspring...Then I doubt he is an only child. I believe that God, being God of all creation, would have sent an entity like Jesus to every civilization, on every planet in soon as a "Jesus" was needed, and they were ready.

-How very boring existence must be... for God...


...If Doctors fought infections and diseases the way law enforcement fights crime. Doctors would stand around waiting for sick people to die so they could dissect the dead body, locate the one germ among the millions infecting the body that landed the killing stroke, and make it pay for killing the dead person...

It's crime Prevention...Not crime Punishment...

-Pro-active is better than Re-active, Re-active is better than nothing...

-Even just a little bit better...

-The thing about stupid people is... We don't think we're stupid.

-The difference between being a chump and being a champ...knowing the difference between the two.

-"Give unto Caesar, that which is Caesar's...Give unto God that which is God's." ...The trick... is knowing the difference.

-Power corrupts...Absolute Power corrupts absolutely... Doesn't that mean God must be corrupt?


-If there is a lowest form of life... Then there must be a highest form of life... Humanity has come to call that highest form of life God.

-Since there can be only one BEST... There can be only one God.

-Jesus and God are not the same, GOD is Greater. Without Jesus we still have God as before... without God, Jesus is irrelevant.

-If the name most used is Jesus, then it is about Jesus... If the name most used is God, then it is about God.

-What Would Jesus Do? Jesus would make it about God.

-Jesus said that only through him could we hope to reach God. What Jesus meant was only through learning and evolving could we reach God. By refusing to learn we have become stagnet and are doing exactly what Jesus warned us NOT to do. Jesus preached new ideas and new ways of understanding, that is the doorway to the realm of God.

-Sing... and you pray twice.

-Believing in God does not mean you have to be a chump.

-There are no stupid questions... well... except maybe that one...

-An absence of proof, is NOT proof.

-What is said, is more important than who says it...

-Science is not the path to the proof that God does not exist... Science is the discovery of how God did some of what God does.

-Technically correct, and correct...are technically the same thing.

-I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize, that what you heard was not what I meant.

-My scars have made me who I am... but I am not my scars.

-My failures have made me who I am... but I am not my failures.

-My accomplishments have made me who I am... but I am not my accomplishments...

-My experiences have made me who I am... I am my Seasoning... my own unique flavor.


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    • profile image

      kimberlyslyrics 7 years ago

      where the heck did you get all those

      I am so stealing them to end my emails with one and say I wrote it




      here's my favorite

      My scars have made me who I am... but I am not my scars.

      thanks mikel

      kimberly xo

    • mhuze profile image

      mhuze 7 years ago from USA

      Very nice thoughts. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Daniel Carter profile image

      Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

      Write a book, my friend. Not only do you find great quotes, you make them. Love your writings and thoughts.


    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

      Hi Mikel G,

      I enjoy reading quotes or sayings like these. I especially like:

      -There is no normal life, there's only life.

      -What is said, is more important than who says it...

      The what is said is real good. Your right. It is more important than who says it. Good one.