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Millennial Student Poetry: A Sad Poetry Story About Education

Updated on February 10, 2019
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley is a language teacher who likes and likes to write poetry from events that occur.

Digital Age

Digital Age
Digital Age | Source

Millennial Student

After entering the digital age
a teacher is expected to be reliable
parents calm down
all students go and go home every day
headed home without burden

After entering the digital age
every teacher feels like he is going to fight
hide from the rules, step given scorn
then think about the future of the students
however, it is considered asking for an award

After entering the digital age
teachers suck tobacco is considered a disease
the teacher goes pretty is considered an artist
teachers with four-wheel drive are considered celebrities
even ordinary teachers are considered old-fashioned.

After, entering the digital age
teacher teaching is considered to be hitting
the teacher gives the task to be considered less intelligent
the teacher gives advice to be considered a religious figure
teachers being parents are considered nobody

After entering the digital age
our students become arrogant like having a mental disorder
worthless education from online games
relationships are not as beautiful as social media
lessons are not as easy as streaming tutorials
meet without impressions
parting is not to be remembered

After entering the digital age
we teachers must be mentally prepared
so as not to be wasted and bounced
by fatal mistakes
because we were taught not to teach totally


What do you do when the teacher gets angry?

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Poetry Message

Thank you for reading the poem above. The poem is an expression of my feelings as an educator or as you usually call a teacher. These days, in our country. A viral video. The contents of the video depict the scene of a junior high school student who fought the teacher and was about to hit his teacher.

In our country, Indonesia. We are accustomed to teaching a culture of courtesy towards older people. However, nowadays with the rapid development of technology. Slowly our identity as easterners continued to erode.
Many factors influence it. The current family and community environment can no longer be blamed as a causal factor. Environmental factors in the digital world are one of the causes that are not visible.

The environment of social media and online games is a process of forming the character of students who are not visible.

Hopefully what I write in the poem does not disturb you or certain parties. Let poetry be an expression of the heart that I want to share and pour it as personal aspirations. It aims to be read and understood as an early warning about the world of education in our country. thanks.

© 2019 Halley Kawistoro


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  • Halley Indonesia profile imageAUTHOR

    Halley Kawistoro 

    2 years ago from Indonesia

    Thank you too friend. have felt the poem as a picture of events that happened. There is nothing to blame. As a human who thinks. We certainly can only try and do good. We leave the rest at the time. hopefully we can learn from each other and exchange information.

  • whonunuwho profile image


    2 years ago from United States

    Thank you for sharing this insightful work. The United States where I reside is guilty of not supporting education even though it's the first thing from an incumbent's mouth before their election about how they will improve education. It is then totally forgotten. Shameful and if only we really cared we would be a world leader in education instead of a faltering lower place. I'm so sorry as a teacher I suffered many years. It was worth the strain and I made progress in lives of kids I had helped. Many blessings my friend.


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