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Mind Between The Crisis

Updated on February 15, 2015

The Questions!


I Don't Know!!!

Don’t know, if I want to be alone, or be with someone;

Don’t know, if I should be good to everyone, or change to worse or otherwise;

Don’t know, if I should care about others or otherwise;

Don’t know, if I should look for the answers and solutions,

Or just accept and let go;

Don’t know, whom to share my feeling and sufferings with, about my life till now,

And if there is someone who can understand and help;

Don’t know, whom I should look up to,

And what to expect from whom;

Don’t know, if I am trying too hard or it is normal;

Don’t know, if I should think or not at all;

Don’t know, what I should do and what not;

Don’t know, if I should be here or not at all!!!

Read, While You Can!!!



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