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Mind Mapping Suicide

Updated on May 4, 2013

Mind Mapping Suicide

Mind Mapping Suicide

Mind Mapping Suicide

The battle rages with no end in site.

Do I continue to live or give up and die?

Life seems to favor a selected few,

Yet others struggle to find the groove.

Why can’t I have a brand new home,

A good car, new clothes, or a watch of gold?

Why must I fight to pay my bills,

While others have money for a life of thrills?

I have a heart that is kind and true,

Yet I forever feel I am painted blue.

I try to laugh and have a smile,

But find nothing funny, and haven’t for a while.

I work each day for success in life.

I do my best and do what’s right.

Yet somehow I always seem to fail,

I’m a ship sailing without the sail?

The highway through life seems smooth and free,

But the route I’m on is like a path to me.

It’s full of obstacles, rocks and hills,

It’s full of destruction and wars that kill.

Why must I struggle to live this way?

Why should I face another day?

Each day brings nothing but worry and fear.

The anger inside fills my eyes with tears.

Going nowhere fast with the gas almost gone.

I’m lost and scared on this path I’m on.

If I knew what road, I would turn that way.

I cannot continue another day.

I think of loved ones and the hurt they would feel,

If I leave this world for a better deal.

But then I wonder if I’m out of the way,

Would they have a brighter day?

No longer would my judgment cloud their view,

The scene could be different, with a life that’s new.

The sky would be clear, with the road in sight.

They could be happy and experience life.

If only I knew which way was right,

My mind would be clear, I wouldn’t have to fight.

The battle rages with no end in site.

Do I continue to live or give up and die?

By: Allen J. Williams


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