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Mind of Mazes

Updated on January 28, 2016

Enter if You Dare

To look into my mind,

you have to see through

the shadows cast

by the light of doubt.

Once you enter you have

to tread carefully,

so as to not get lost and

have no way out.

There are pieces of memories

through the maze

that is my mind,

that can bring tears to the eyes.

To find your way out

you must learn to take

the paths of truth and

not follow the lies.

The lies that were told

to me are scattered about,

like the broken limbs

from the tree of life.

The hurt is still there

that was caused by others

who felt the need

to wound with pains knife.

Find the mountain

which was a high point in my

life of days and really

look at the sea of memories.

You will see me trying

to stay afloat on driftwood

from the broken ship

of my truths and realities.

It is not the easiest thing

to tread, but if you

succeed, you will finally

see my soul and heart.

Which has never really

been hidden from the

eyes. Just a little hard

to get to at the start.


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    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 4 years ago

      Thank you Ausseye, I do appreciate the comment. I only try to write what I feel or know. So just about every poem I write is a personal experience or a deep thought out group of words. Blessings

    • profile image

      Ausseye 4 years ago

      Hi Element4puregold:

      Ah what an awesome trip to take, your heart, your soul speaks with force

      With nature I would seek to match and forge a path

      So intrigued by the poem with such clearness and empathy

      Truth, justice and equality knows you well.