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Miserys the River of the World

Updated on June 9, 2013

Miseries the river of the world

And its coming nearer and nearer

As she sets out on her journey

She brings staves, and cups

And coins. On her back she straps


A block of cheese and bread to break her fast

She treks

Across lands

She climbed mountains

To avoid its wet touch -

She flew griffins back

Swords tightly held to their fearsome throat

Emeralds clutched close to her chest -

Hoping to escapes its current

She looked into the eyes

Of men and woman

And found only missing shoes

And wilted flowers

She offered them her coin

As she asked a way around the river

Crows swooped down and ate

Their tongues

and children cried

tears caught in cups

a salty brew did she drink -

And she sat

before it -

thinking of the river

she thought of its breathy foam

its murky waters,

my how ugly she thinks

the misery of the world -

Doves ate her bread

and she offered them too her cheese

tired she decided to sleep -

Peacocks walked into the clearing

and a horse and birds chirped in the trees

and dogs licked her face

and rabbits nestled at her feet

they nudged and nudged until she woke.

She stood staring back

as a wolf mother and its den looked at her head cocked behind

beckoning -

The horse brayed wanting her to walk as they themselves

Became emerged.

This river of misery -

I have walked and trekked

And flew to keep from its grasp.. you want me

To let it wrap around me?

Yes, they said.

So she did..

bloody mouths open in horror and she draws her sword

Drinks from her cup thinking of the children and their tears

Drops the coins to its depth a prayer sinking -

She lets the current take her.

SWIM they say! Swim!

Her muscles tare, and her throat burns!

Her fingernails break as she reaches for the sandy beach

Using rocks that cut her

shred her ivory arms as she grasps to pull across.

Heaving - water pores from her mouth

Dripping she looks and sees the pearly gates

Red roses they hand her

They take her hand

And crown her in emeralds

And together with laughter in their eyes,

they dance.


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