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Misfortunes and Sufferings: Who To be Blame?

Updated on June 30, 2017

When we're children, we use to think and act as a child but as we're growing everything seems to change. Playing was changed into focusing. Our life was focused. our minds opened. We set aside our bad memories of the past and face the present to be "SOMEBODY" in the future. We always Ask questions. We do want to speak up. If there were some unanswered questions, we do seek for answers even to the extent of taking a risk.

Is This What We Want?

As a grown child, we realize things. We didn't choose to be born. We didn't choose to be a male or female.We didn't choose our religion. We didn't choose our status in life. We didn't choose the time where we are supposed to live. We didn't choose the place where we should be. We didn't choose our brothers, sisters, parents, and relatives. Therefore, a basic conclusion came and that is we didn't choose to be who we are now.

If we didn't choose everything, why do we blame ourselves for our suffering? Are those things that happened to us should be the right things to happen? Who choose us to be in this life where we are in? Can science explain all these? What is the best way on how to go about it? Do we need to accept all these where in fact it was not chosen by us? Is it the truth so-called Destiny? Is there something us such? Why do we always here lines like "It's meant to be", Everything has its purpose", God will make a way", "Bahala na si Batman" and so on? Why do we always ask why?

Understanding Our Existence

Since we were thrown into this strange land with an innocent mind, we need to do everything for us to satiate ourselves. We were given the chance to live so we have to take courage to fulfill our visions in life. to make all things possible, everything that had happened must be equated with acceptance. Only acceptance can teach nus the right path. so, with acceptance we need to do our best to live to the fullest. well, we could accept everything if we know the right things that we should accept and the things that we really want to know. To understand our existence, we need to know if there is really a God who created the world. Base on philosophy, it was proven in this way: If there is no God (Who created the world?) then the world could not have created itself could not be there. However, the world exists, Therefore, God as the creator of the world exist. With this explanation, it was very lucid to us that there is a God who loves us and helps us along our way despite our failures. There is a God who comforts us especially when we let Him know that we can't carry our crosses in life. Yes, there is a God who strengthens us. He is always there to guide us and ready to show the way where we could walk but not to the extent that He will be the one to decide for our lives. That's the reason why we can't blame God for our misfortunes in life. Neither blame other people because other people may just be a factor why we do change our attitudes or lifestyles. They may influence us in many ways but it doesn't mean that it's all their fault cause we can refuse them if we want. after all the last move is within us and that is to make our decisions. We are responsible for for decisions having good or bad intention giving a good or bad effect. As what William Jennings said, " Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is not a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved"

Reality Speaks...

Most people blame God because they experience pain and fear. They even blame God for the presence of penury. They shouldn't blame God for their sufferings. we don't work and do our best to be successful in life. Therefore better blame ourselves and not others. Blaming ourselves doesn't mean giving up and losing hope. It doesn't mean that we are hurting ourselves. Blaming oneself may satisfy our minds and hearts because we do seek for true answers deep within us. thus, we try to recognize our mistake. since it is us who really know our feelings, we know if we hurt someone. If from the start we didn't choose everything it could mean that we are dead. From the start, we do accept God's gift because we don't have the choice to refuse it. It was given to us and we really have to accept it because it was a big opportunity. As of now, all we can do is to share the things that we can share. Sharing doesn't mean giving of material things because even materialistic person are still longing for something aside from material things. everybody needs material things to be happy but the joy we felt are just temporary. To attain true happiness, people need love. As we all know hylism or materialism is a key of evil to ones heart. We must share our thoughts, ideas, talents, prayers, and true love. Basically, science also shows the existence of the world and even our existence. It was explained and presented in different theories. We know that theories are hypothesis that has been repeatedly and extensively tested and always found to be true although it is subjected to change. Well, we are the one who makes our destiny. We are responsible for every changes in our lives, for our failures, and for our happiness.

Therefore, we must blame ourselves for our misfortunes in life.


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