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Misperception and Sex

Updated on April 27, 2016

With Adam and Eve, the notion of sex begins. Sex that indicates the distinction between men and women. Distinction that leads to sexism. Sexism that results in dehumanization. Dehumanization that diffuses oppression, that diffuses corruption. Oppression that is associated with brutishness. Corruption that is associated with dullness. Brutishness and dullness, that both spring from misperception. Misperception that Eve is more sinful than Adam. Misperception that Adam can blame Eve. Misperception that women ought to be subordinated to men. However, misperception is myth. Misperception is untruth.

The first sinner is not a woman. The first sinner is Lucifer. However, Lucifer is an angel, and angels are sexless. Thus, sex is not the basis of the amount of sin. The first tempter is not a woman. The first tempter is the serpent. However, the doer, the sinner, cannot blame the tempter. Sinners are sinners, not because they are tempted. Sinners are sinners, because they sin. The doer is the one responsible for its deed. The sinner is the one responsible for its sin. This is the truth that contradicts the misperception. The misperception that leads to generalization. Generalization that women are temptresses. The misperception that leads to toleration. Toleration that animalizes men. Thus, subordination does not bring aid. Subordination brings destruction instead, for subordination is the output of devilry. Devilry that uses the notion of sex, that uses brutishness and dullness, to demonize both men and women. Devilry that creates the misperception that sex is what defines a person.

However, sex is not what defines a person. Sex is not what makes a person, for a person is not merely made up of one element. A person is not simply made up of one component. A person has reason. A person has disposition. A person has spirituality. Persons are diverse from one another. Persons are nonidentical from each other. Men are persons. Women are persons. Men and women are not made up of their sex alone. Men and women can and ought to free themselves from brutishness and dullness, from the misperception, that devilry brings.

Misperception and Sex

Ae Clane


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