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No one has ever seen God, But God has made him known, a short story illustrating John 1:18

Updated on January 27, 2014

John 1:18 - "No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father's side, has made him known"

Miss Charlotte was unusually well known for a recluse. She lived in a small, picturesque cottage by the sea. Her days were spent in contentment, walking the beach or puttering around in her lovely gardens, but it was the evenings she lived for. Miss Charlotte spent her evenings sitting by a cozy, crackling fire doing what she loved best, writing. She loved to write novels; mystery novels, romance novels, adventure novels, even historical novels. Novels allowed her to embark on the escapades in her mind without ever leaving the comfort of her armchair. Oh she had traveled the world extensively in back in the day, and now she could revisit those memories within the pages of her novels. The stories were her livelihood, they had made her a very wealthy woman and they had given her a new lease on life.

Only two visitors ever graced her doorstep, her beautiful daughter and the elderly gentleman who lived across the bay. The gentleman’s name was Harry and he often joined her for afternoon tea, bringing light to her day with his quick humor and kind words. But it was the visits from her daughter that she treasured the most. They were similar in so many ways. They had the same quick wit and sparkling laugh. They loved life and approached it with joy and enthusiasm. It was her daughter who made her famous. Emma was her cheerleader, her promoter, her biggest fan. She had come across one of her mother’s mysteries years ago while looking for an old photo album. Mesmerized and entranced, photo album forgotten, she sat down and read every word long into the night. She knew she had found a treasure, something that had to be shared with the world. Emma quit her job and dedicated herself to becoming her mother’s agent. It wasn’t hard to find an editor and publisher and before long Miss Charlotte was a household name. The fact that no one ever met her only added to the mystique. Emma did all the interviews, promotional tours and even the book signings. She handled all the publicity and advertising personally. She shared the details of her mom’s life, personality, loves, trials, health and wisdom in an open and engaging manner. Nothing was hidden from the public eye, except of course, Miss Charlotte herself. There were many who believed that Emma was Miss Charlotte, but only Harry knew for sure. It was Emma who introduced Miss Charlotte to the world. She made it possible for everyone to feel as if they knew Miss Charlotte personally. Without Emma, no one would ever have the privilege of getting to know the wise old soul by the sea.

The story of Miss Charlotte and Emma is not meant to be a perfect description of Jesus and the Father. Emma is only a picture of Jesus in that she introduced her mother to the world and through her words and actions, made it possible for anyone to know Miss Charlotte. For those who have no interest in the Bible, I hope you can enjoy this hub as the short story it is. And for those that are interested, I hope you appreciate this picture of Christ in his roll of making God known to us.

I hope you enjoyed this story. For a bible study on this verse, please read #10 Jesus, the One and Only.


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