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Missing Sheep from Creation

Updated on November 17, 2016
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Seafarer Mama/Karen has been writing since she was ten. She is a published author & finds inspiration from a variety of sources & settings.


Most flash fiction is not meant to come with an introduction. It is meant to stand on its own. This is a piece that came from my participating in the Penn State InnerWriter research survey to which the Hub Pages team provided a link on their blog page.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a term used for a very short story with a maximum of 500 words. The limit in the survey was 150 words. Visual or auditory prompts are often used as inspiration. I hope that this piece inspires you to write some flash fiction of your own.

Labyrinth Photo

The labyrinth is and ancient form of walking meditation. If walked often, a labyrinth can promote discovery and nurturing of our own divinity, healing of our relationships, and deepening of our self- awareness.

Road to Paradise

Labyrinth path to the divinity within
Labyrinth path to the divinity within | Source


The mid-winter day held no joy along the city streets lined with brownstones. Leafless trees stood straight and stiff. No glow of life was evident from inside any windows.

Ezra stood at the center of Sing Street. His wings were hidden by his long coat. His halo was hidden by his hat. He stood in the middle of a crowd of abandoned shoes. His heart ached for the people who left them behind ~ men, women, and children. He felt as if he failed them, failed to protect His sheep from slaughter at the hands of a cult leader.

They did not heed his messages, no matter whom he sent to help them avoid their doom. They were in too deep. They obediently followed the leader's directions to run barefoot toward a blazing inferno. Yes, they are happy in paradise now; but the world is a colder place without them.

Are you Inspired to write Flash Fiction?

Did my very short story inspire you to write a piece of Flash Fiction yourself?

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If Someone approaches you, ask questions!

What would you do if someone asked you to come to a group gathering? Here are some questions to ask to determine if they could possibly be trying to recruit you as a cult member:

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know and trust the person?
  • Was the invitation a direct result of an everyday conversation?
  • Did the person try to persuade you that your present beliefs were wrong/insufficient, ask you if you think you're "saved"?
  • If the person seemed friendly, was it because you discovered similar interests or values you hold in common?

Ask the person who invited you:

  • What is the nature and purpose of the gathering?
  • What types of activities will be happening?
  • Where will the gathering take place? *Make sure you can get there & away independently
  • Who else will be there? (anyone you know?)
  • Why do you think that I'd like to go? *Make sure the gathering is directly related to known interests

If you receive vague answers to any of the questions you have asked the person who approached you, then beware. Do not give out your personal information (invite them to give you theirs, then stow it in a drawer for later. You may need it). Then excuse yourself from the conversation and leave.

© 2014 Karen A Szklany


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