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Mistress of the Light

Updated on November 4, 2015

She rises to a new day, with thoughts of love and uncommon passion

For the one who makes the darkness vanish and sadness cease existence

The light he bears is pure and bright without a hint of void or blackness

Love envelopes burning hearts; but the fire quenched by tears of night

The day becomes the evening and lovers torn from one another

Until the new day enters once again and night is but a bitter memory

She longs for romance daylight brings and detests the coldness of the night

For love knows not the darkness and its suffocating burdens

Time seems slowly walking through the hours before the breaking dawn

When love resumes its course for lonely lovers counting moments passing

The duality of the life she lives conflicting deep within her soul

This mistress of the light of life and wife unto the death of night


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