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Mémoire of you

Updated on June 6, 2015


I wish I can just delete you from my memory
Like a letter I wrote easily erased in my diary
I wish I won't remember your name
Like a lightning, easily gone after the rain

I want to forget how you hold my hands when I'm cold
Telling me how you love me and will make sure I'm warm until we're old
I want to forget how you shower me with small kisses
Telling me not being together will break your heart to pieces

Please let me forget how you say you love me everyday
Always reminding me how much you want me to stay
Please let me forget how you cried saying you're scared of me leaving someday
Always reminding me that you'll never leave me or go away

Time played tricks on us and you decided to leave for an adventure
Leaving me confused and lonely because being without you was torture
Days passed by without you leaving a message or calling
It hurts to know, slowly you're drifting away each time passing

I want to forget the pain I felt the day you walked away
I want to forget the bitter truth that you forgot us after a few days
You went away with a promise that you'll come back and stay
But you found new love while I'm waiting far away

I don't hate you and still care for you anyway
Because of you I now know the difference of love and play
I don't hold grudges against you
I just want to forget and to not feel blue



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