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Moldy Welcome Matts

Updated on June 19, 2013

A face in the window

A little birdie sees

Its mesmerized.

Above the sill

A copper plate

Etched in stylized memory.

Of dark eyes

A habitual residue

Of a merry go mind

How lovely.

The bird does not look away.

And it falls bouncing in a loud clamor,

As the plate rolls...

Little bird had flown and flown

Over fields of almond trees

Aloes (Bitterness and pain ) and basil (Hatred)

Like black thorns (Difficulty)

Cages mastered it.

And sticky fingers -

Caught it.

It flew high,

And now its wing

Would not twitch

As it re-learned how to fly.

Not a flutter

And sick of the ache

The bird

Pounds its wing onto hot asphalt

On a sparkling day.

Over and over

It squawks its anger

And frustration.

“I’m a damned cripple” it says

and a cat pounces and eats it

and it just stares at the copper plate

that broke its wing

and in a nest filled with

brambles (envy) and grapes (prosperity)

high above cherry trees and skylines -

its shrieks its story,

to a throng of able witnesses.

And they all walk away,

annoyed at the patter

because all along it was meant to be.

The cat is full

and its keeper smiles

at the praise from the kept,

as a carcass rots

on a moldy welcome matt.

Paplo Picasso
Paplo Picasso


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