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"Momence" Now is always the Moment

Updated on March 24, 2012


For the Moment

Take the Moment

To where the Moment belong......

Deep within your mind's sphere of Remebrance

Burned inside the your heart where the soul lives

The moment is only there if you take it...Now

And make it something to be thought of.

A cherished thought of the moment...then

Make the Present known as Now ...

Seen without eyes and not to be Forgotten!

So for the Moment

Take the Moment ....

Even if it takes....More than a Minute!

@Gregory Booker

Every day is a cherished day in our lives. We really don"t need anything special to add to it. But often the business of life with it's demands and distractions can cause us to miss simple moments with they family, friends or even strangers. Each day has it's moment.


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