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Moments After A Large Slice Of Sleepy Pie.

Updated on January 28, 2010


Moments after a large slice of sleepy pie.

  © All rights reserved-MFB III 


His toys lie in a tumble
across the carpet
like dice
their number was up when he
lost interest
the punch ball is beat
the legos are exactly
where he leg'go of them
an hour ago
some crayons are waxing eloquently
on constantly being broke
a few of them are blue
and i find them all a peeling
like sunburnt immigrants
abandoned without their papers
along the borders
of his marked space
various stuffed animals
are just starting to digest
his absence
8 blocks away
a clown balances
on an almost perfect tower
8 more blocks would have done it
but gravity seldom pauses
for chidish whimsies
a Jack-In-The-Box
pooped out a while ago
and he won't be back in
until someone puts a lid on
his cranky situation
you see he was a mediator
between nine bowling pins
on a turbulent strike
that buried six soldiers
in the tenth round
the coffee table is a racetrack
where his matchbox cars
run heats
near the finish line
one half-bitten moon shaped cookie
signifies the remnants of a
bedtime snack
now nighty-night has claimed
his attention
and he's enjoying a healthy slice
of sleepy pie
his tiny rosy cheek now graces
cartoon faces on his pillow
the sandman has paid a visit
tucking sleep dirt in the corners
of Forget-Me-Not-blue eyes
that the morning sun will re-open
like the wings of a butterfly
and his toys again will
in an avalanche of joy..........


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