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Money: Things that Have Value That You Can Get With Some Effort

Updated on June 16, 2016

Aluminum Cans

In some areas, people throw cans out the windows of their vehicles when they are driving. It isn't right, but they still persist. The good news is that aluminum cans are valuable enough that if you collect them up, you can take them to a metal recycling plant and get some cash for your efforts. Payment is per pound and I think I have heard that it takes about 28 regular cans to make a pound. Regular 12 ounce cans, in comparison to tall cans that hold 16 ounces.

Some people collect the tabs off of pop and beer cans and that aluminum adds up, too.

So, yes, I am suggesting that you walk around and pick up aluminum cans that people have discarded and turn them in for profit.

Scrap Metal

There are some people who take apart cars, lawnmowers, washing machines or anything else made of metal and they bring a load of it to their metal recycler. Scrap metal has a price per pound, also. The price fluctuates fairly regularly, so many who bring their metal in on a regular basis, have a hoarding mentality and will wait for the highest price.

Farmers Market

If you have a green thumb, or if you are good at growing plants, you can grow vegetables and bring them to a Farmer's Market and try to sell them.

I have had success with growing cucumbers and selling them. One person had success with green beans. He was growing the beans and canning them in a dilled sauce. Another person had success selling mini pies. Jam and jellies are popular. Salsa.

I have apple trees and have often thought about boxing up apples for sale at farmer's market.

There are things that have sold and haven't sold. One person had cookies. Farmer's Market is temperamental, however and depends on the weather and the crowd that shows up. In certain areas, Farmer's Market becomes a coffee club and no sales are made. It all depends.


Believe it or not, rocks are a big seller. I know a farmer, who pays people to come and pick rocks out of their field. If you want the rocks that have been picked that day, you are welcome to take them home.

I had a milk crate full of rocks that I brought to a garage sale one day. A friend of mine and I had a sale in her yard and, for fun, I had a box of rocks that I labeled pet rocks. She laughed at me and said that no one would buy rocks.

Well. They sold. It was funny, too, because the person who bought them was so excited to see them and bought them all. But, not for pet rocks... she bought them for a landscaping project.


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