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Monosian Order Prologue (Part 1)

Updated on July 22, 2015

Log 001/Earth date: Fourth Millennium/Year Five. April 07:

Monsyious here. As I speak, the rain beats down on the cobble stone streets sounding like tiny steel drums, beating an incessant rhythm. Snow that fell days ago is all but gone. Puddles now form and slowly flow into a steady stream towards the brick structure we called the Blosher Building. Its pinnacles and lookout tower appear to reach for the gray skies above. Spanish style doors that always stood open welcoming everyone are forever closed! The town hall stands abandoned. Just like the rest of our village. Adobe homes, warehouses, every street and every corner, empty! An eerie void remains. Reminding me of the evil that swept through here days ago. A painful reminder of all those lost forever!

The greatest lost for me was a little boy who I loved as a son. His name was William Sinclair LeRoy. I still hear his voice. It keeps calling out like a ghost riding the winds. Each blink of an eye draws me to him. I envision his presence. He is reaching out, his mouth forming a silent scream. Yet again, I am unable to help him!


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