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Monosian Order

Updated on July 23, 2015

Prologue-Part One

This is an original novelization written when I was very young and set in the Star Wars Universe. But my characters were too dark and edgy for the Jedi, so I brought them home to our galaxy, well, almost.

The screenplay version, under development, is more mystical and has a greater connection with Celtic Mythology.

In the meantime, enter future parallel earth where a mystical Order fights against the tyranny of a Reptilian Empire. Opinions welcome.

LS Bailey

Private Log: Log date April, year 4001 A.D of our R'Conian occupation.

Monsyious here. As I speak, the rain beats down on the cobble stone streets sounding like tiny steel drums beating an incessant rhythm. Snow that fell days ago is all but gone. Puddles now form and slowly flow into a steady stream towards the brick structure we called the Blosher Building. Its pinnacles and look-out tower appear to reach for the gray skies above. Spanish style doors that always stood open welcoming everyone are forever closed!

The town hall stands abandoned.Just like the rest of our village. Adobe homes, warehouses, every street and every corner, empty! An eerie void remains. Reminding me of the evil that swept through here days ago. A painful reminder of all those lost forever!

The greatest lost for me was a little boy whom I loved as a son. His name was Oso Coriendo.I still hear his voice. It keeps calling out like a ghost riding the winds. Each blink of an eye draws me to him. I envision his presence. He is reaching out, his mouth forming a silent scream. Yet again, I am unable to help him!

There is no possibility I could alter past events. Still I feel telling the story of Oso’s family might serve as a catharsis. Relieve my guilt, the responsibility I must bare for what happened . . .

Before continuing permit me an introduce. My name is Monsyious. I am a Tuatha Danu, considered gods in ancient Celtic tales. I serve Oso’s people as both teacher and advisor. My metamorphic powers and telepathic abilities have weakened over the centuries. The reason being is punishment for crimes I committed long ago, against innocent beings. Things I have done in ignorance and now I feel eternal remorse.

Since then, I have found solace in Oso’s family. They are special to me. All of them, Cyrus, Nadia, and Ana will hold a special place in my heart. My only regret is that the eldest son Vasparian chose such a dark path!

Before Oso’s birth, his people lived in the Forbidden Zones. In a desolate area once known as Newfoundland. Cloaking technology rendered their settlement invisible from marauding tribes and R'Conian surveillance probes. The people thrived under the direction of Oso’s father Cyrus Lepidus. Cyrus was brave and devoted to his people. His ingenuity saved them from starvation and capture on many occasions. Cyrus was indeed a wise leader. Sadly, this wisdom did not always encompass family matters. For it would have spared him misery and suffering.

I have nothing good to say concerning his first wife Zenia. She was a selfish woman with relentless ambition. Her titan colored hair; alabaster complexion and radiant green eyes bewitched men. She used such enchantment to manipulate Cyrus. Marriage to our leader would elevate her prominence. Only one obstacle stood in her way. A young woman I had chosen for Cyrus.

We called her Nadia. She was a lovely creature possessing dark olive coloring and black hair common among her people in the southwest. Troops destroyed her village and killed her family. She journeyed north through perilous land and survived on her own for years. That is how Cyrus and I came upon her. What truly amazed me about this timid creature was that her altruistic quality remained intact, despite having undergone horrendous circumstances in the past.

Regardless of Nadia's kindness and affable nature, sentiment was against her. The people would never accept an outsider as their leader's wife. Zenia used every tactic she could in exploiting the situation and finally won!Cyrus went against my advice and married her the following spring. It was a small ceremony in which I did not attend.Zenia hated me, because I saw through her pretentiousness. In time, Cyrus would also see through her façade.

By then, it would be too late!

Whatever gratification Zenia experienced was short lived. First, she suffered from a strange virus that nearly killed her. Then an R'Conian troop build-up in the Arctic region forced us to abandon our homes and flee further south.

We lived out of tents and braved the harsh winter by surviving by our wits! I cared for Zenia during our rough journey, which lasted two months. She gave birth near Niagara Falls. The labor almost killed her. However, it produced a beautiful baby boy. Same titan colored hair and deep green eyes. Zenia named him Vasparian.

In early spring, we reached a remote island in the Atlantic region. Our cloaking technology again enabled us to build a village on a deserted stretch of dense forest overlooking a peninsula across the Hudson River. First, we activated a force field around a seventeen-mile perimeter along the Island. Once secured, we cultivated the land, created verdant pastures for our livestock, built storehouses and adobe homes surrounded by lush gardens for our families. We numbered three hundred.

Years passed. I regret to say that my friendship with Cyrus deteriorated. We only consulted each other during council meetings. He never confided in me, yet I knew his pain and anguish. I saw it in his eyes. I sensed his private world collapsing around him.

Zenia tutored Vasparian herself. The subject being self-glorification! She showered him with praise and anything he so desired she provided. Moreover, Vasparian being a diligent pupil learned well. He viewed us as subservient.

I sensed Cyrus’ dissatisfaction at the situation. Still he and Zenia went about with the pretense of happiness. What he could not hide was his wife’s odd behavior.

First, she developed an unfounded paranoia toward Nadia. Jealously is more like it! Claiming that Nadia was plotting against her. Then she and Cyrus would have terrible arguments. In the midst of it all was Vasparian. He manipulated the situation. He played them against each other for his sheer self-gratification.

Finally, Zenia withdrew from us. Taking endless walks in the forest. Several weeks later Cyrus informed me that Zenia had been banished from our village. The news was shocking and devastating for us all. She had befriended a neighboring tribe and participated in their divination rituals. She intended to conjure evil against Nadia. Whom she deemed her greatest foe!

Two days after her banishment Zenia was dead. We found the body along a narrow stretch of land overlooking the river, her wrist slashed. Beside the body laid a note. Handwriting was hers. It read, “Please do not hold this against my son!”

Her suicide left Cyrus grief stricken. I could only imagine his misery. Not to mention the guilt he must have felt. A dreadful thing when someone you should have loved but could not suddenly takes their life.

Cyrus and I dug the grave and buried her in the exact spot we found her. Zenia’s suicide troubled us. Such a strong willed woman taking her own life seemed absurd. If anything she should have persevered until the end. For some unknown reason, Zenia had uncharacteristically chosen death. More troubling was Vasparian! During his mother’s funeral, his expression remained placid the entire time. No emotion or tears! Nothing!

“An early phase of denial!”Is all Cyrus could offer regarding his son’s insensitivity. I wondered if by some chance Vasparian had anything to do with his mother’s suicide. The thought was fleeting, too monstrous for acceptance. I knew Cyrus had the same feeling. Foolishly, we both chose to ignore it!

Zenia’s death was the first warning! There would be yet another. A final one would come a year after Cyrus married Nadia. He assumed such an undertaking would bring emotional relief and a motherly presence might help guide Vasparian in the right direction. He assumed wrong!Not to say Nadia failed in creating a warm and loving atmosphere. They failed simply because it was too late! The seed planted long ago by Zenia, had already taken root. Nothing could alter what Vasparian was. Cold and calculating!

Vasparian waited for the opportune time to unleash his wrath upon those unsuspecting victims. The first would be his unborn sibling.


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    • LS Bailey profile image

      LS Bailey 5 years ago from Los Angles, CA

      Thanks Becky and Nell! More is on the way!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      This is really good, really enjoyed reading it, I will be back to read the rest, cheers nell

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Wonderful story, such good character development.