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Monster Mike

Updated on February 25, 2015

Entering the Office

I decided to go back to work
and applied for posts slightly
below my qualifications.

This was to make it easier
to transition.

The job that sounded the
best I scheduled that
Interview first.

After seeing my
daughters off to their
very parochial junior high,
I drove to the office and entered.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected. It was rather tacky with plaques, photographs, newspaper clippings and laminated awards hanging all about the place.

I had just introduced myself to a frightened looking receptionist, when I was hurried to another section and told to wait in the Interview room.

As the room was empty, I didn't feel like sitting by myself, so remained in the hallway, spending a few seconds looking at photos, for the tacky ‘decorations’ continued.

One of the photographs caught my eye, as the subject seemed familiar.

The female workers who saw me in the hall were nervous,

“The Chief says you should wait in the Interview Room..” with terror in their voices as if expecting a Zombie apocalypse.

“Who is that...?” I asked; pointing.

“That’s the Ch...Mr. Moscowitz...”

My blood ran cold, and I could only mouth the name, then: “I have to leave...”

I rushed from the room, while behind me came almost hysterical calls, “No! You can’t leave!”

I raced throught the building, onto the road, finally I caught myself, caught my breath, thinking...Monster Mike! Monster Mike!”

School Days

When I began Primary School
I saw him go behind another
child, who fell to the ground.

And Monster Mike began
to laugh; “You see me? You see me?”

He would grab food from the other kids, or pour ketchup into their desserts, and laugh.

I was terrified of him, and did everything to avoid him, even eating my lunch in the bathroom.
I spent almost every minute of every day locating him, and avoiding him.

My mother joined the P.T.A and was very active and frequently at school, so I was often
'safe’ but when she wasn’t there I was on guard; so afraid of Monster Mike.

When I left Primary I was happy to go to an All Girl’s School. I went on to University, married and had my girls and became what my husband called, a 'Stay at School Mom'.

I spent every free moment at the School my children attended, doing every possible volunteer task so that I would be on spot just in case there was a Monster Mike.

Monster Mike

Monster Mike was not that much bigger than the other kids, he was just more brutal. He was just a very twisted creature without compassion.

And he grew up to become a Boss who had to pay his victims a salary. .

The voices of those
employees, their fear
of 'The Chief' proved
he hadn't changed at all.

He only found a new 'school yard'.

As I stood on the corner
I imagined going back to
that office and confronting
him, but I didn't have a

I wasn't going to work for him.

His bullying had made me a
'house mommy' and a P.T.A. stalwart.

My kids would not suffer the
school yard bully because I,
as my mother, even more than
my mother was there.

I drove back home to be
there. At least a little longer.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I was never a bully but as a kid I loved to fight and would fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. Bigger than me didn't matter, I backed down to no one including my teachers.

      So when I read stories like this where bullies actually change peoples' lives it makes me wish I was there to show them that 'fear is the mind killer' and the lessons we learn that cause the most pain are often the ones that we learn only once . . . of course I was a slow learner!

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 4 years ago

      In my life I have always done what I am afraid of, so I know what you're talking about. But most people deal with fear with avoidance or the kind of 'preparation' so that what is feared won't happen.

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