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Monsters Inside Me, Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2019
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Something I learned from making a series of poor decisions in my past, what we as humans typically not so great at is considering we need to be able to logically think and emotionally think through our options without going on our emotions all of a sudden.

In life, people don't always take the time to stop, think and make the best decision. A lot of times, people make decisions based on what they think they want over what's best for them.

For this reason, a decision a young man named Demario Johnson made will teach him that life on a regular comes with a series of choices and if you don't take the time to carefully consider what you do or who you do it with, you will be forced to live with those unwise choices for the rest of your life.

When you’re on the verge of making a big decision, you need to ask yourself valid questions and logically think through your possibilities from several different angles before actually choose what’s in your best interest.

Some Decisions Are Life Changing:

Demario was living the ideal life, he was every little boy idol and many women desired him, various males wanted to be him yet he showed no type of responsibility when it comes to big life decisions nor did. He showed moral while throwing a wild party he had no knowledge was secretly being taped on video.

His irresponsible behavior will come back to haunt him and it will come with learning the importance of moral awareness and ethical decision making. We are all responsible to conduct ourselves with ethical principles, even when we think it’s safe to act in a bad way and we must strive to bestow the same commitment to others.

Demario decisions should have been aligned with his loves, values, and priorities and he held the responsibility of behaving and living his life accordingly. The unwise decision he made stands to affect his finances, it could possibly end his relationship and it might even take away his career.

What’s left for Demario to do is rethink the resources he will need to execute on his bad decision and the cost of his poor decision in terms of time. Before the video air that is waiting to be the spotlight on D. L. E. Entertainment many little boys and adult that look up to Demario would say He is definitely someone to look up to on behalf of characteristics, but after the viewing of the video, some people will think he is someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This video will have a major effect on Demario as well as Destiny lives, although Demario and Destiny will both be faced with a dilemma. It's frightening to think that in this world, people make decisions as he did without thinking that it will affect them or other’s lives and stands to cause death threatening situations every day of the week.

Moreover, in life, there are lessons to be learned, but the learning doesn’t stop there. It's an even more significant point to be understood, and although situations come to decisions, the outcome you make will have a great impact on the way that life treats you following the decision you made.

It's 3 pm and D. L. E. Entertainment is airing its top story and will be speaking on the exposure of double life living by calling out Demario Johnson. An exposed role model who threw an outraged midnight party that lasts past the early morning.

The party consists of Transgenders, drugs, violence, exposure of nudity, out of control unusual games, playing and involvement of a threesome get together. Was Demario aware that one-third of the guest that appears as a female were males in drags? Whether he did or didn't remain to be known, Although the video does not show him involve with a transgender just the idea of throwing such a party with a lot of drugs, violence, and threesome make him look so unreliable.


Destiny best friend, Jenny called her to ask if she was watching D. L. E. Entertainment? She wasn’t, but she immediately changes the channel to the station just to be thrown a loop with what she viewed. She was in disbelief and didn’t have the word to express what she witnessed nor the stomach to digest the stuff views, she threw up twice before she finishes watching the footage.

The Video:

D. L. E. Entertainment aired a fifteen-minute video of Demario's Pen’s house party and the many guests, he entertained, it showed many people going down a train line of drugs, two potty mouth males who got into an argument that turned into a fist fight.

A lamp was thrown, and a head ducking, but thank God no weapon was brought out. Although this type of behavior tends to show the interest in who a person is, what they are capable of doing, and what their interests are.

The video even showed a female who jumps up on top of the coffee table and did a striped tee. The party had quite a lot going on. People coming together that seem as if a magic act was going on where clothes disappeared and people continue together in the nude, truth or dare game and a kiss and tell game.

The kiss and tell game consist of seven females and males’ players, couples try to determine if the woman or male they kissing is their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. The person guessing is blindfolded and kissed, if they guess wrong and can’t tell if the kiss is from their mate, they are required to take a drink of Vodka.

Within fifteen minutes in the game most of the people playing were drunk and all out of control. The one man who wasn’t drunk tried to bring order back when his wife was getting out of line with another man and he was beaten by three different males.

As Destiny watched the video tears flowed from her eyes. Sudden part of the video was bleeped out and black spot block out X-rayed portions because the video had such violence and X-rated parts.

As Destiny watched the program, her phone begins to ring, she looked down at it, the caller ID showed it was Demario. She did not answer. Destiny needed time to pull herself back together before she talks to anybody.

What brought the tears down Destiny's cheeks is a female dance to the Barry White song, “Practice What You Preach” and slowly taking off her and Demario clothes. She put the song on and held him to his word after a truth or dare game. She asked Demario a question where she dared him to share the type of beast he was in bed, then she put the song on, slowly undressed him and told him to practice what he preaches.

Around 15 minutes after the party ended, Demario had a few guests stay longer than he wanted. He found a couple passed out in the closet and he had a tough time getting them to leave or bring them back to reality enough for them to pull themselves together to leave.

After the airing of the video, people took to social media to voice their opinion of Entertainment exposing Demario and what he is capable of. One person wrote you can put up a front as to who you are, but what’s inside will overflow outside and show you up.

Another replied by sharing, good God Demario does you have any morals or guidelines? The comment that hurt Destiny the most was the person who wrote, Demario did you lose your mind temporary? You had a fine little cutie that made you look like you had class, now you trash because I'm sure she’s gone.

A jealous person replied and said, do you get that feeling like you're in over your head as a role model? A person posted to Demario social media page, at least you had a woman to dare you to practice what you preach, did you get around to practicing what you preach with a transgender? Enquiring minds want to know.

A Horrifying Dream:

Demario starts reading the posting on social media and became fiery with what he read. And when Destiny refuses to answer his calls, it was like something inside of him locked. All he can think about is getting revenge on the person who videotaped the party and links it to double life living entertainment T.V. Station.


Demario is so fierce with the comments he read that after many hours of unable to sleep, he finally fell asleep and dream he was running with Destiny beside him, and Dolly was shooting at them. Just as they manage to run into an open field filled with vegetable a flaming hot bullet came sizzling through a tall corn brush to hit Destiny in the back of her head.

She immediately fell to the ground, but Her head was not full of blood, as Demario pulled her forward to him. He saw that what he was holding in his arm was not Destiny but turn out to be a scarecrow full with straws.

As he pulled the straw from the scarecrow to search for Destiny, Dolly walks over to him and pulled an ax from behind her back and begin to chop the scarecrow body into various pieces.

Moreover, when the pieces hit the ground, it was Destiny body parts with blood everywhere instead of straws as a scarecrow, out of anger and attempt to stop Dolly. Demario took a Smith and western gun from out of his pocket and put it in Dolly's mouth and shot her. Her teeth flew out and grab his nose biting it. As Demario struggles to get free, Dolly fell over on top of Demario, he wakes up in a cold sweat.

From such a horrifying dream, Demario needs to understand that the last thing he should be focusing on is getting revenge. It is the worst thought he could have pounded.

He has overcome all the bad emotional behavior, now revenge will re-open all his emotional wounds. It's like picking at a scab that is almost healed but needs to be left alone to completely be cured. Although Demario might think he wants to punish a wrongdoer.

He will end up punishing himself more because there is no way he can move forward or continue to heal if he allows himself to yield and return back to his old emotional behaviors. It's okay to be angry and feel as if you need to do something, but revenge is not the answer. What Demario should do since he feels an intense need for revenge is shifting the focus onto doing something that will be worthwhile.

Focus on a way to correct his wrong in the hope that he can get Destiny to forgive him. She brought out the best in him, going after an act of stupid revenge will only make the matter worth.

The reason Demario dream a female name Dolly was chasing him to kill him, the lady that made Demario practice what he preaches was also named Dolly. Since the party he shows her, he wants nothing to do with her, the one-night stand with her was a mistake.

He told her he’s in a relationship and does not wish to continue seeing her. Demario even refuses to answer any other calls from her. He blocked her on social media and does not return any of her text. Dolly is very angry. She feels Demario had a one-night stand with her and afterward he no longer wants any communication with her.

Dolly is the person who gave the video and pictures to John Lee out of anger and desires to see Demario life goes down the drain. She’s very upset and feels Demario behavior after their night together is unfeeling, unacceptable and insensitive.

Destiny’s friend, Jenny is driving over a bridge when she spots Demario sitting to the side of the bridge with his shoes and a liquor bottle in his hands, looking low and confused. She calls Destiny and shares with her what she witnessed.

A few minutes after Jenny shared the news with Destiny, she calls Demario phone, he looks down at it as tears flowed down his cheeks. He answers it, could Destiny be attempting to find out if Demario is having suicidal thoughts? What will he say to her now, he finally has a chance to talk to her? Will Destiny use her wisdom to pull Demario back from the monster inside that are attempting to take control of his life?

Does Destiny even have the ability to save Demario from himself? Better yet are she’s even willing to continue investing her time and energy trying to be Demario savior? Could Demario be too far gone for Destiny to pull him back from the deep edge he’s leaning on?

Stay tuned as I reveal the answer to all the questions asked and more detail on whether Destiny will forgive Demario if he can pull it together in time before his career is ruined and the secret Jenny is hiding from Destiny and so much more in part 3 of monsters inside of me.

Monsters Inside of Me, Part 2!

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Barry White - Practice What You Preach

© 2018 Pam Morris


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