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Moon Boat Exploration

Updated on May 18, 2017

An emerald moon house or topaz moon house

or platinum moon house or amethyst moon house or white moon house must be chosen.

I assure you that I am not God or Jesus Christ. I am a human who serves Them.

Wago Knight is pissed that Adino Eznite had a hand in helping Xandriana build her Clones. He gave her secret information that helped her abundantly. These Clones are much tougher than the ones Beestmeel Bro faced years earlier. These Clones are extremely powerful and difficult to kill.

Wago, due to his excellent skills at playing stocks, has a ton of money. He buys Benaiah a sooped-up car. It can fly. In fact, it can reach a higher altitude than Shammah's flying balloon.

Now it's your turn to master Prep Froth.

What will you create?

Benaiah Squire is a Prep Froth Master.

Free Computer Genius!

"Benaiah, if you marry me and if you stick with me, I will teach you how to escape from being confined to earth. I can bring you to the sky. I can bring you to space. Then, I can bring you to the Moon. I can make you experience the Sky Tower if you open yourself to me."

"I do admit that sounds exciting. To escape from one world into the world of superhumanity has been a dream of mine. It sounds amazing to ascend. I'll see. I know I want to marry you, though."

Klellvorq is thinking about teaching Shammah

how to become a superhuman.

Xandriana Zones vs. House of Wago Bliss. Only 2 sides remain. Soon, everyone must choose a side.

Will anyone ever be able to defeat Antimortal Cookies 7?

The Bosses are trying to make moves. Wago's duty is to transform at least 144,000 individuals into superhumans. It is a grand task, indeed. What does tomorrow hold? A beautiful destiny, of course! Hopefully, Wago can transform 144,000 souls into new characters, new superhumans, before it's too late.

Will anyone be able to find the Emerald Pearl? If it falls in the right hands, it can be used to eliminate Xandriana's DNA from Torture Space Sector. Xandriana is pushing forward the Sphinx Movement. As the meteor falls!

Success is encountered.

Jefe Rioletto X is not to be messed with. Homeboy gets the job done. The Tribe works in conjunction. The Tribe makes sure that each of its members is taken care of. The Gadite Tribe reigns supreme.

Success is once again encountered.

The year is 2015.

Wago begins writing a new book where he dictates what will happen in the future. He doesn't write it as Gurmanaffe did. As you recall, Gurmanaffe worked on bending future events in his favor. Not Wago. Wago is working on bending future events in favor of the 144,000. That way, even if Wago dies, there are thousands of Christian soldiers who will still carry forward the mission.

Shammah hooks Wago up with 250,000 shekels

so he can keep forming his Team of Knights. He buys a bunch of white horses. He buys a bunch of bows and arrows and gives them to the Christians. The Christians wage war against Xandriana. They're tired of being slaughtered.

The year is 2016. March.

Wago ain't going out like no punk. The Antichrist shows up. Satan in the flesh walks on the earth. Wago reads in Book 87. He finds a secret word. He teaches Afronicias to say...

Fangtip McSmattering is very interested in Sixtrip Vulco.

Alex Jr. forms his Team of Emerald Knights. Century Dove, Wrest P, and C.K. are all chosen.

Success is tasted.

The year is 2016. March.

Benaiah Squire joins Alex Jr.'s Team of Emerald Knights. The Christians must win this war. Good thing is destiny shows that the Christians will win Armageddon.

"Billions of people will hear my name. I am Wago Knight. Computer games will be made in my honor. Billions of people will know my name. I am a legend."

AJ is kicked out of being king

of House of Emeralds.



Wago Knight cannot die. After all, he is beyond superhuman. The only way Wago can mess up is if he accidentally enters the wrong time warp. Why? You may be thinking, "Well, he lives forever, right? So how could he mess up?"

Well, he must help the mortals who live on Baftica. If he enters the wrong time warp, they'll be dead the next time he shows up.

An Enticing Conversation Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

Brother, we finished Chapter 13. We move to Chapter 14 tomorrow.

Let me know if you got this.

I sure did!


Can I call you?

Me and Lady Berdiah are hanging out and the cleaning lady is here, brother.


Hopefully the cleaning lady leaves soon.


Hey, brother, do you have a minute?

Me and Lady Berdiah just got home, brother. I will try to let you know when I got a minute.

This has been a really late morning!

I'll talk to you at work, brother. I just wanted to tell you it is faster in the King James Bible and everything was making sense on the notes that I was writing down. I'm getting tired. I'm fixing to hit the pillow. I took notes for about 1 hour and a half. Thank you, brother.

Awesome! I find the King James Version to be the best!

Yeah, everything was fitting in just like you said.

Yes sir! That's the King James Version for you!

In Verse 14, the image to the beast equals living like a demon.

In Verse 15, the future world is one that consists of blasphemy, homosexuality, drugs, and pure evil. The future is a very dark planet.

In Verse 16, it gets really deep. Classy Clad, this part is where you may not understand, brother. It's okay if you disagree because this is super hardcore.

The Mark equals Sunday. The 4th Commandment is where God tells us the 7th day is His Sabbath. Saturday is God's Sabbath.

Alternative Teaching Methods

We teach people by using games. Schoolbooks are so boring.

Noble Clad becomes a Prince.

Prince Clad no longer builds his house on sand. He gains wisdom in spiritual battle. He is working to establish a large Team of Christian warriors.

Prince Clad psychologically overpowers royalty. He gets a job in Resolamb Castle. He is strong. He is beautiful. He doesn't back down from anyone. He is bold in all situations.

He is graceful. He has to be to fight the Beasts.

Frothism has reached over 5 million people. I want it to reach over 6 million people.

Prince Clad attends Resolamb Castle. He talks to Dr. Steward HK Lar Lover. Dr. Steward HK tells Prince Clad that he is worthy. Together the Humans will fight the Beasts.

You find a time travel portal.

It takes you to Dewjarls Forest.

You see an Antimortal Robot. You don't hesitate. You walk up to it and kill it. You find the Queen.

Queen: Hello, my Princess Nubiposh! I need you to find a Book for me. The Book will lead you to a portal in Matagorda, TX. Dewjarls Castle is there. You will meet someone there. I'm not sure if it's Dr. Steward HK.

You find the Book.

Queen: Amazing! Ok, so one of the ZionAncientz will be there. You need to find Resolamb Library in Matagorda. You now begin your queenly journey.

You find an older lady.

Lady: I am McGillicutty. ZionAncient, of course. Make sure you have your Space Journal nearby. In Space Exploration, you will have to take many notes.

Skip the fluff. Go straight into real life. Get a job. Save up money. Don't go to college. College is a joke.


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    • movielardatadare profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Texas

      Yes, Blossom, you are correct. Different indeed!

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      3 years ago from Victoria, Australia



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