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More Beach Thoughts

Updated on April 12, 2011
A Day At The Beach   Photo by Stephan
A Day At The Beach Photo by Stephan

THE OCEAN by b. Malin

If I ever chose to have a love affair, it would be with the Ocean, with its white billowy waves that slap my thighs so sensually.  I would surrender to "him" totally, though I know that our affair would be short lived.  But from June till summers end, to him I would be faithful.  Never straying too far from his sandy shore.

How am I so sure that the ocean is in fact a Male?  Because I've shared the same delight that I see on the faces of young girls, and young women as the waves break around their bodies. Pulling them down onto their knees, and shamelessly spraying wet sand in private areas where only a Lover would dare. Just to have them pull themselves up and beg for more. The older women cradle his foam to their breasts and sign a long satisfying sigh as if remembering a time, so long ago.

Exhausted from my lover, I would lay my body on the white, sandy beach, and soak up the sun with my eyes shut, in total contentment. I would listen to my lover delighting others, and smile to myself and wonder if They share my secret fantasy.


PERFECT SPOT    by b. Malin

I can never get enough of my beloved Jersey Shore, on a beautiful summer Sunday, afternoon.

With "Bellies" full from a late Sunday Brunch, we head for the Beach.  The connection runs deep for my Love-Man and I.

I spread the blanket while he sets up the umbrella, turning it oh so sensually into the ground. The chairs are put in the shadows to be enjoyed by the breeze that is coming in off the ocean. We now stand back to survey our "Perfect Spot."  Satisfied, we decide to walk the beach.

We walk in the ocean, knee deep as the "salty foam" sprays us as we pass lovers, and friends, enjoying their moments of contentment. No thoughts of tomorrow to weigh them down. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we just laugh and thoughts are of what I want to write about to remember this "Perfect Day".

We arrive back at our blanket, feeling a high from the sun and the surf, and the sky.  I take a deep breath, as my Lover-Man hands me the jug of water to drink.  I take a long cool drink and hand it back to him.  "Do you SMELL THAT"?  I say starting to gag. "What, WHAT"? He replies. "CIGAR SMOKE" I reply, starting to gag from the pungent odor that is drifting in our direction. ''IT'S MAKING ME SICK, WHERE IS IT COMING FROM"? We look feverishly around to no avail, he's nowhere to be found, except for the SMELL, THAT HORRIBLE SMELL.

And so....we pack up and WE MOVE, further down the Beach where the air is SWEET once more.  Let CIGAR MAN enjoy our PERFECT SPOT...BECAUSE, WE FOUND A BETTER ONE!


THE SURFERS   by b. Malin

It's August, late August and the Waves are so High.

It's Hurricane season so that is the reason why.  

The Surfers grab their Boards and head for the Beach, for no wave is far from reach.

You can hear the Ocean calling, Come to the Shore....THE JERSEY SHORE!


Build a Sand Castle on the Beach and see all the Smiles you reach.   by b. Malin


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    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 7 years ago

      I finally learned how to put my picture with my comment.....well nobody's perfect. Again thank you "Surf Traveler" I hope that you will continue to read me, and leave comments as you see fit.

    • profile image

      b. Malin 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comments, Surf Traveler. Our "Surfer Dudes" go all winter long riding the waves in their Wet Suits....That sums up the Love for the Jersey Shore that we have here.

    • surf traveler profile image

      surf traveler 7 years ago

      Very nice. I've always thought of the ocean as a woman though. Stories of Mother Nature from my childhood perhaps. You capture the romance of the ocean well.