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More Musings of a Martian.

Updated on January 28, 2019
Darok:  Considering mankind.
Darok: Considering mankind. | Source

Well, dear human reader, what can I say? It has been a while since I last communicated on this media known as 'HubPages'. Much has transpired since I last wrote something on here.

For example, the Insight lander, yet another one of your simple probes have landed on our world you call, Mars. Its intention is to drill into our surface and find out about the inner workings of my world. Well, best of luck with that, we will reveal to your backward machine what we want to! We realise, of course, you are a young civilisation that is curious about its planetary neighbours, as I have said many times, once we were like you, a novice spacefaring civilisation. But those days are long gone, what is left of my people now reside underground on our planet, in an artificial environment, yes, but at least it is home.

I remain in your world as an observer going about my life as if I were one of you. I have to laugh at some your documentaries, where you suggest, aliens (as you call us) actually dwell amongst you. I laugh sometimes because I think to myself if only those thinking this knew how close they were to reality. I am, of course, not the only alien here observing you and reporting back to my people how you humans live your daily lives. Obviously, from our vastly superior technology, we know much about you and your effect on your world. However, from a purely personal point of view, this is where I come in, to observe and report my findings, I guess you would call it being an anthropologist or a sociologist.

One thing that I still find hard on my physical body is your gravity, despite the many years I have been here. I have adapted to it, never the less, it is still like being held down by a magnet, as you would call it. Observers sent to earth like me did undergo training to get used to your gravity on Mars.

Your science fiction films make me smile, you really believe your backward technology would have an effect on alien tech many years in advance of yours! Still, I don't blame you, good must triumph over evil and as a species, it does your esteem no end of good, however, mistakenly you portray battles between yourselves and would be alien assailants.

One thing I have to tell you, this also causes me much mirth, the so-called drones over your airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow were our craft. The government and the military knew exactly what they were dealing with. The drone story was put out by your government as a cover and those two human individuals, arrested were scapegoats, to make it look humans had been flying drones. You have inserted technology so you can observe us, with the cover story being it was to bring down drones. If you think this tech you have installed will be able to observe us or even bring one of our craft down, again you are sadly mistaken. We will let you observe us if we want to or we may even play around with your tech feeding it false images. In some ways, I feel sorry for you because your governments are aware of our existence yet they do not know how to deal with us. However, as I have stated before, we will not directly interfere with your civilisation unless it is necessary. You are like babies with much growing up to do, galactically speaking. When you are mature enough, that's if your species survive, then you will be ready to meet us.

Finally, are there hostile beings out there, yes, is the short answer, they come from outside of our solar system. You would call them greys, they are a dying race and are trying to breed a race of hybrids so that they can continue to exist. A combination of themselves and other beings forced aboard their craft. Your world is vulnerable to them because of your primitive technology and you have not evolved sufficiently, as yet, to resist them.

We fight them on your behalf as well as for ourselves, so far we have been successful in this. I pray to the creator of the universe, we continue in this success, for my people and yours.

Now, I must get back to my humdrum human life, I will communicate again soon.

Bio of Darok.

1) A resident on earth for ten earth years.

2) Married to an earth woman he met on the internet.

3) His earthly wife would never believe he was an alien, though, she notices some oddities about his ways and physical appearance when compared to humans she knows.

4) Darok's career on earth is that of a writer working from home.

5) Served in Martian military and is a trained fighter in what would be the equivalent of special forces on earth back on Mars.

6) Communicates with craft from Mars regularly and his mission on earth is ongoing.

7) Is married on Mars with three offspring.

8) Is descended from the Royal household of Mars, a monarchy that stretches back into the mists of Martian history.

9) Misses his children on Mars and of course his wife, but realises his mission on earth is paramount, both to his people and the earth.

10) Finds the earth atmosphere hard to breathe and earth gravity causes effects on his body.


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