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More than my heart knows how

Updated on June 29, 2009

And baby, I love you more than my heart knows how.

But I can't understand why it feels like I'm leaving you now.

You tell me you'll never forget me.

But you're the only one that even begins to get me.

I can't sit still.

I think of you every moment of every day.

And I wonder why I feel like I can't stay.

Maybe it's because I feel that another may.

And yet now that I'm gone,

I wish I could stay for long.

And I wish I was strong

I wish I saved you.

I wish id saved you from me.

And the other hell bringer, known as man.

It's so hard to even stand.

My hand just shakes, and grips into a fist.

When I think of what we could have had.

It makes me so mad.

And yet I still think of you at every turn of the hands of the clock.

I can't stand to think,

To think of you.

But it seems even now I can't stop.

As the clock turns.

My heart still yearns.

And I realize that there’s no hope for us.

You say you're sorry but I know it's my fault.

For so long you were all id got.

But now it’s time to stop.

There’s another on the way.

And this is the time to stop.

For me to go.

For you to forget all about me.

The Disease that I am.

I seemed so good and yet I couldn't save you from myself.

And all the pain I've caused you.

No matter what you've caused me, I'll still love you.

But that's it it’s time to go.


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